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The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Guys...this is an AUDIO forum 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Funny you mentioned Watt/Puppies. I thought they were so unnaturally bright they sounded as though my dentist was drilling in my ears. Another bad and overrated speaker is the VanSchweikert. I heard many permutations of them and they all sounded B... 
Q: Playing empty/last groove ?
I'd say that your cartridge is 4 hours older - no damage 
How do YOU set VTF on your Rega arm??
The spring resonates at some frequencies, and is therefore better set to zero and use the weight for the downward force needed 
Interconnect and Speaker Cable Burn In
Interconnects can be burned in quietly. Don't turn on the amp, but turn on the CD player, and the wire from the CD to the preamp will burn in. 
Another speaker wire possibility at Home Depot???
Honestly - check out their THHN - put spades on the ends and enjoy. 
Another speaker wire possibility at Home Depot???
Some of the best speaker cable is Home Depot's THHN. I don't know what that means, but use a leg for plus and another for minus, and its really good. 
Strange Tonearm Tweak. Long
When I had the Rega arm, I noticed that unsing the spring to exert downward force for the cartridge pressure caused the spring to vibrate and cloud the sound on some frequencies. I simply didn't use it, set it to zero, and used the Expressimo weig... 
Strange Tonearm Tweak. Long
Your idea is not really new. Take a look at the VPI arm. There are 2 outrigger weights that are not there for azimuth adjustment..this is done by rotating a dropped counterweight. In truth the problem with this arm is that it is quite diffucult to... 
What could be wrong?
You fixed it by cleaning the connections. Its a good idea to unplug and plug everything once in a while to clean. 
VPI table owners, help please.
Yes, I know that Cardas is recommended, but I have an all Ayre system, and nothing was quite as bad as Cardas. As a matter of fact, Ayre branded cable is Cardas. I don't know why Ayre recommends it except perhaps for the bottom line. I use the che... 
VPI Alignment Jig
CAll VPI.. My alignment jig was set up when I got it and considered that to be correct. 
Do you think you need a subwoofer?
The reason for the wider soundstage is that the subwoofer has its own amp and therefore the burden of those power gobbling lows are taken from the regular amp which can perform better. Subs are particularly important in video presentations, becaus... 
turntable sounds better on warm summer nights
There are many things in play here. Warm summer nights might mean that your speakers and electronics too are operating differently...your electricity and any other permutation could change the sound. 
Anti-Cable High Frequency Performance
I cant understand why anyone would prefer anything else. In my system the highs are as clean and clear as I've ever heard. The cables are extremely natural with a supurb soundstage..very deep, very wide. The bass when required, shakes the house bu...