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Shipping boxes to Canada?
From another Canadian, Don't use UPS! for reason already stated. 
Gain and Rothwell attenuators
Cary suggests I send it to them for a "shunt volume modification." Anyone know what this is?Bob_bundus. Sounds like fun but that's beyond my ability or daring. 
who makes a good set of headphones
I personally have liked Grado headphones. I have owned the RS-1's and RA-1, SR-325's and SR-80's for portable use. I have also owned Sennheiser HD-600. All excellent headphones. In my experience you can get away without an amp with Grados as they ... 
How Often Do You Listen To Live Music??
Try to get out every month or 2 but I too find the acoustics and bad mixes tough to listen to. Though, today, I had an experience that almost made me want to sell the system.(not really) I went to buy a few groceries and heard a voice singing oper... 
Gain and Rothwell attenuators
Yeah, it's kinda six of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. Some aspects sound better with the attenuators and without the sound is a little strained but bass is better. What to do. Still no word from Cary. 
Gain and Rothwell attenuators
I've had the Rothwell's in for about 2 months and I listen to alot of music so I'm guessing they are burned in. They aren't horrible in their present position between cdp and pre and even do some good, sonically that is, but I do find they slightl... 
Gain and Rothwell attenuators
Thanks Sean. Sometimes it takes another to point out the obvious. Now maybe Cary can do the same. 
Linn Ninkas aktiv vs. not?
Thanks for all the replies. I guess I'll start looking around for the amp and cards. 
Linn Ninkas aktiv vs. not?
Exactly the same boat, Chetiar. Have upgraded the stands and spikes, bi-wired and lots of other tweaks. 
Linn Ninkas aktiv vs. not?
It does. Thanks 
A question about PS Audio Ultimate Outlet.
Updated question to this. What's the effective difference between the two models? 
Cary CD-308T
I second that question. 
Why can't I get clear sound?
Unless I'm wrong, it seems that if the headphones worked well then the problem must be after the amp. I'm a believer in better cables so I'd try that. Try borrowing some. 
Two different amps to horizontal bi amp?
If you've got the opportunity to try before buying...From one, whose experiment in bi-amping with different amps, failed. 
Original Rega Planet Question
As an owner of the original then upgraded to the new (my present player), thought the original is good, I can say that the Planet 2000 is better. I did a good hour comparing the two switching back and forth in the same system and the (forgive my w...