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Need help with room problems
Eenteresting, eenteresting. I can imagine it now. Not sure it would pass the WAF but it's worth a try. Never thought of it. Guess that means I'd have to change the left speaker for the right so the tweeters are properly aligned.I know what you mea... 
Need help with room problems
Actually if I move my head to the right there is a very discernible line across which the balance shifts quite dramatically. 
What's under your bookshelf speakers?
Thanks for the tip. I've had problems with vibrapods but didn't anticipate it with the isoblocks. 
What's under your bookshelf speakers?
Isoblocks. Check these out. Cheap and effective. I have them under my MM deCapo i's. 
killer violin tracks.
Morimur (Partita in D minor BWV 1004 for solo Violin)- JSBach. played on baroque violin by Christoph Poppen with the Hilliard Ensemble. ECM New Series 1765Absolutely mesmerizing! It's a must! 
can i use a use rca interconnect for phono ?
Here's an interesting article to help with your choice. 
What's the most anolog sounding CDP
Look at the Copland CDA-289. IMO an outstanding player. 
What power cord would you recommend?
Check out Ernie M's new power cords. The Prelude No.13 is an amazing product. I have 1 on my CDP and another on my integrated. They replaced a Shunyata Black Mamba V2 and an Electraglide Ref. Glide and IMO they are better cables in every way. A gr... 
wnat to downgrade my cables
Further success on the Power Cord front. Sold my Shunyata, electraglide and PS audio, bought Ernie M's Prelude PCs and put some $$ into a new CDP and my system sounds GREAT!!!..... 
Does an aftermarket power cord matters for Amp?
With all due respect to you Warrenh, I think you are referring to Ernie's older models.(which I have owned in the past) This new incarnation is another league of power cord and more than just an "introduction". He has changed the cable and the des... 
Does an aftermarket power cord matters for Amp?
Hi Steve. I responded to your system post before. I am a believer in the benefits of better power cords because in my system they make a difference. I recently went through a cable downgrade, $$ wise, but have found some really good cables cheap. ... 
I'll second your research into Gregg Straley's cables. Listener57 turned me onto them, I tried 'em out and bought them immediately. The speaker cables were excellent on immediate hook-up, the IC's taking a little longer to burn-in but they really ... 
How tall are Daruma isolators?
I figure spacers may require more "tuning". What a long slippery slope this all is. Dan; I have never heard of the Gingko stuff but will look into it. Thanks all! 
How tall are Daruma isolators?
Never thought of removing the feet. They are pretty heavy duty. (Copland cda-289) 1 1/2" would work fine but 1 1/4" isn't tall enough unless I remove the feet.Thanks for the responses. 
How to avoid hum and hiss to speakers from amps.
Judging from the responses, I'm wondering how much hum and hiss we're talking about. Volume turned up full I can hear the tweeters buzzing but not much at regular listening levels unless my ear is near the speaker. Is it the complete absence of no...