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Jadis Orchestra Reference vs. Cary SLI-80
Thanks. Good point. 
Jadis Orchestra Reference vs. Cary SLI-80
More info: The Cary is 40wpc triode/ 80wpc ultralinearThe Jadis 40w RMS. 
Amplifier match for MM de Capo i's
Anyone able to give me a comparison of the Cary SLI-80 to the Jadis Orchestra reference? 
Every make a purchase you truly regret?
I started with a Rotel cdp and Grado headphones and went a winding route through to a Cary tube preamp, bi-amped active Linn speakers and two sources. 6 pieces of gear, 6 sets of cables. I tried at least a dozen varieties of cables (IC and sp) and... 
Amplifier match for MM de Capo i's
I thought I read some mixed reviews somewhere on the Unison amps. Wherever it was the reviewer seemed to think that though they looked stunning, they were average in performance. I guess that has stuck in my mind. Strange how little biases develop... 
Amplifier match for MM de Capo i's
I've been thinking of selling my Cary preamp and going with a Cary SLI-80 integrated.(40w triode, 80w ultralinear) Any comments? Thanks 
Floorstanders on wood floor, help
A bit of a late response but the Aurios/concrete slab system has worked great for me. I have pictures and a description of and easy way to put them togther in "my system"Stuart 
HELP with Speakers for a 11 ft X 12 ft room???
My room is 12'x9'x7.5' and I really tamed the boomy bass by putting my speakers (Linn Ninka activ) on Aurios. The spikes seemed to turn the floor into a resonating board. The Aurios didn't cure it but the improvement was dramatic.Stuart 
Bass Trap Questions....
Depends on you room response. You can get a sound pressure level meter cheap from Radio Shack, set it up on a tripod put in a test cd with warble tones and measure at what frequencies your room amplifies the sound. These would be the ones to tame. 
Dedicated phono cable or quality IC
You may be right and all my experiments with lots of IC's may all be placebo effect but they have been pretty convincing placebos. Just last night I used a Harmonic Tech truth-link in the phono to phono amp then switched it for a HT pro-silway II ... 
Dedicated phono cable or quality IC
Great Link. Thanks alot!! 
Dedicated phono cable or quality IC
Thanks Twl. 
Dedicated phono cable or quality IC
Twl. Thanks for responding again. I think my question got lost in my muddled description. I am a believer in better cables for sure. What I am wondering is if I should be looking at a "phono cable" OR if a decent interconnect is as useful a route.... 
2 lk-85's or 1 lk-140
If you're going all Linn with new Linn speakers definitely go activ. 
What cartridge for MMF-7?
Sage advice. Thanks, and I will look into those phono stages. The good thing about the Sumiko, I believe, is that its usable for both MM and MC. I have been on the DIY room treatment kick for awhile, measuring spl's and moving things and construct...