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Audio's Most Enduring Products.
the one and only Khorns !!! 
powering klipschorns with high power mcintosh amps
Hello I have Khorns and have used a mac 252 amp with them with fine results BUT the whole majic of the khorns is their efficiency and I have found they sound best with tubes (after all they were designed around them) I use a mac mc275, a vtl st85 ... 
McIntosh MC2000 vs. Goldmund 29
I currentyl own a mc275 and have at home the new Goldmung 2.3 amp of the two without a doubt prefer the Mac275 tube amp...its not even close !! 
Review: Antique Sound Labs Wave 8 Tube amp
I too have Khorns and used a pair of the waves, clearly for the money they are a deal, but I found other tube amps to sound better(mac275) (VTL st85) and yes they are more money,obviously anything is more money, but you are right for 200.00 they a... 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Any Aerosmith show, J GEILS Boston 1976, Queen portland Me 1977, Mountain/procul harum 1971 Boston Music Hall, John Kay and Steppenwolf, Heart 
What is the best Beatle Song
My fav though is" things we said today" 
What is the best Beatle Song
I agree, this is their best a mile 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
My Picks.....Klipschorn, Snell type A, rogers ls3/5a.kef 105.2, Quad, Dahlquist DQ10,magnepan, B&W 802, haven't heard some of the newer ones like avant garde etc 
klipsch horns
I have had Khorns for the past ten years, VTL works wonders with them,both the integrated amp and their seperates, right now I use the 2.5 with the st 85 it simply kills. 
Best Used SS Amp For VTL Preamp?
many choices for this fabulous preamp, I have one and have used it with Linn, consonance. I know people who have had good luck with Bryston,probably any amp you like will sound great with this preamp, hey try a vtl tube amp for grins 
That tube sound
without a doubt the VTL 2.5 is a killer I have had mine for about 2 yrs and its great, they priced it too cheap, its sonics are much more than the 1695 price tag, a true best buy in hi end audio