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McIntosh C2300
I am curious what did the person at Mac say to you ? 
are all amps equal
"power more important than brand" I don't think so,to me sound is more important than anything else, class a, class d, tube, ss etc. Alot of very general comments being made here.Here is a list of just power amps that I have owned,own or at least ... 
Naim Nait 5i vs 5i italic
Hi, I have owned both, not at the same time, but I cant say from aural memory any real differences, I can say the 122x and 150x do sound better, I am curious, you say your naim dealer doesn't even have a 5i in stock, does he have any naim on dispa... 
Seeking advice on tube amps
To the OP, what source and preamp?,very important,if you are interested in say a Mac 275, what preamp and source will bedriving it ?, I have like 5 systems in my house, one of which is around a small pair of B&W cm2, a whopping $900/pair of bo... 
Mitch Mitchell RIP
Yes,very sad, saw him just 4 weeks ago on the Hendrix tribute show.......little did we of the best, is truly laid to rest. Jimi,Noel,Mitch..a hundred years from now, people will listen and um ..WOW 
The best speaker you ever heard?
a wall of Jensen Coax and Triax 2 6x9 car speakers....scary 
New McIntosh system problem... need advice
Try a Mac C41,C42 or C46 and see what happens, i think you will be surprised 
Reccomend an integrated tube Amp-under 2k
The VTL IT85 is a fine performer 
High end Audio for ladies? Check this out
"high end audio systems designed by women...just for women"Isn't this discrimination ?sounds like it to me. 
Most Important?
I have 4 systems, and in all of my mixing and matching etc, I have found that source and electronics are more important.One of my 1st heavily front ended systems was a Linn Lp12/Ittok/black koetsu/Mitch Cotter step up into a NAD 3020 into a pair o... 
Classe vs mcintosh
What about the preamps ?,all this talk on amplifiers ...hooked up to what preamp ? makes a difference, I have 4 systems and a Mac C46/252 into a pair of B&W CM4 floor standing,nothing special, but a good quality speaker, and that combo sounds ... 
Designer Hall of Fame
I would ad Peter Snell to the list, the Type A was,is and will always be a great speaker 
Pre Amp or Amp Best Money Spent
Clearly you need an amp to properly drive your speakers, BUT what come before the amp, the preamp and what comes before that, the is all a balancing act and results in a "system" given fixed funds, assuming your source is up to snuff, ... 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
Dave_b ,and you have owned how many Mac amps or preamps? 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
I cant say I agree with Mcintosh being a "status symbol" the way a car can be one, most non audio people have no idea what it is and what it costs, at best if they see it in your home they might confuse it with Macintosh and think it is a computer...