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First song to "Blow You Away"...
the opening guitair riff on "satisfaction",summer of 65, heard it for the 1st time on the radio,man did my head turn. 
VTL TL2.5 Preamp
I agree with the above comments, I have one and have used it with both a VTL st85 and my Mac 252, sounds very nice with both, very nice phone stage too, just a fine value, I heard VTL prices are going up,so you may want to snag one now. 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
Hello, no offense taken, but I have sold over 3,000 cars and drove and serviced them all, the reason my ferrari analogy was, well Ferrari is a very misunderstood car by most people, they think they are "tempermental',"expensive to repair and mucho... 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
Hey everyone has an here is mine...being in the car business for the last 15 yrs and having sold and driven everything from A to Z..I mean just about every brand,from Kia,Daewoo to Ferrari,Lotus and Porsche etc....I personally wouldn'... 
musical drummers...who are they ???
I didn't see any mention of Corky laing (Mountain) man can he belt it out....also no disrespect to anybody who likes Neil Peart..I know we are talking rock music BUT....I feel to be a good or really good drummer, you have to be able to play more t... 
Anyone going to see the Police?
I like the Police, but doubt I will go, too bad they are playing the ultra big arenas and stadiums, I mean there are only 3 of them, very few bands can come alive at the big arenas, Mccartney can do it, Aerosmith can do it,Queen did do it, etc. I ... 
A challenge: Reference system from 15yrs ago
I once had....Snell Type A,Perreaux SM3 pre amp, Audio Research D-60 amp, fronted by a mid 80s Linn Lp12,Ittok,Black Koetsu....sounded great...Really miss the Snells, would like to get another pair someday. 
Best rock song of all times
Missippi Queen.......Mountain, saw them twice with Felix Papalardi, great band in concert. 
best rock voices
so true, Sammy Hagar, great rock singer. 
What is the best amp for Sonus Faber Cremonas?
I agree with the 1st response, try a different pre amp. I would go SS and yes try a Mcintosh, I have owned both the c2200 and the c46 at the same time, thru my Mac 252, I prefer the c46. to me it had more guts without being bright and had more def... 
Linn Kolector or Wokonda preamp?
I have owned both and had them at the same time, I felt the Wakonda was better and noticeably so, sometimes a quick demo in the store doesn't show everything, I still have the Wakonda, use it with a Linnlk100, for the money a nice sounding duo. 
A mistake spending too much on amplification?
I agree with theabove about preamps, very important as it comes before the amp, also the source comes before the preamp, so it too is important. One of my systems is a vtl2.5 pre/Mac Mc 2751v into a pair of bookshelf B&W cm2(900/pr) fronted by... 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
On the subject of discounting and retail stores telling customers that the manufacturer won let them 100 percent illegal....and furthermore no manufacturer can terrminate a dealer for discounting. 
Are the Klipschorns mainly for Classical music ??
I have owned K horns for the last 12 yrs...I play about 5% classical the rest is rock, jazz, female vocals,pop,funk etc. I like them alot, have used them and still do with Mac c46/252 and some VTL gear as well as some nicely restored Dynaco St70s 
Inexpensive amp for a McIntosh C46 Preamp
Good suggestions above to be sure but here is one for you, I own the C46 with a 252 and its a great combo but I have a few systems, a great amp for the money is the Linn lk 100 I have one and have used it with the c46 with fine results, a nifty,sm...