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Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
Another interesting digital thing to be developed is something similar to Photoshop but in Audio aspect.  
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
No, it’s not slowing down at all... pretty soon we’ll see descent DACs implanted in our phones, streamers will be in headphones and in car audio. Also Codec technology will expand and get better.  
Building a house
I know the guy who actually started his house construction with basement as a listening room and everything else was built on top of it just as an secondary addition... can you imagine six layers of different sound benefiting materials in the base... 
XLR or RCA for my new DAC
Cable types could act differently on different setups. It’s really hard to suggest. Buy both of them and stay with one you like the best.  
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
Let’s keep both, one for background every day music, workouts, cars, work, new music discoveries and music surfing, lazy listening..... another one for listening of favorite music in no rush, paired with glass of Blue Label, critical approach and ... 
Sota or Technics
Absolutely, nothing against Technics or DD. Both, the brand and technology is gear and have their pluses, but I like the BD better. According to mechanic rules (mechanic as part of physics) it is much harder to maintain balance and isolation of sh... 
Sota or Technics
If someone tells you about himself that he is the best in the world, that is pathetic at least and the trust is on you.  
Sota or Technics
Direct Drive from Matshushita (Technics/Panasonic) is the best in the world, they are making direct drive turntables since the 60’s. They could be best in the world, but the idea of DD compared to Off Board drive is on the wane in general.  
Sota or Technics
For me, In this price range the one with belt drive would be preferable. It’s a big deal to build nice quiet direct drive motor. Production requires lots of work and investments so it should cost different figures at exhaust.  
SQ vs. Music
I listen to SQ when I change something in my system or compare different sources also when new album second or third time playing (determination of record quality) other time just enjoying music. So, I guess 5 to 95% in comparison. 
What makes speaker's sound big?
Stay with tekton, add some subs, two at least, avoid filters if you have them, make sure your amp plugged in to the wall, jump into middle and bass highliting cables and tubes if you have them, try to seal other rooms in your house, just close all... 
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
You right !!! Anyway with entry level streamer you probably couldn’t feel any difference between connection types.  
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
Using a wireless access point would be worse than straight WiFi connection, cause it adds extra powering circuits means extra interference and instability. Switch to 10 feet 8-cat Ethernet cable in my case was big improvement in SQ.What’s a proble... 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
Dude, seriously!? From own experience I could suggest to stop discuss and confirm audio stuff with your wife. Just buy and set stuff as you need. Usually it looks great when it’s done by you with enthusiastic approach and it will settle with wife ... 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
@ mijostyndefinitely not bad! Great flexibility with spec options. Should be very good sounding monoblocks.