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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Micatone - Wish I Was Here. 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
The real thing from Russia is Storm JSL-100 monoblocks.  
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
However real professional audio gear guys does exist in Russia. I saw top notch hand made amps based on 805 power tube (Wavac clones) made and sold there and the price range was around $50K.  Look at this Russian audiophile... he build his house s... 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
Top trend in Russia this days- ordering assembly kits from China by mail for extremely cheap then just put it together on own knees :) 
For those that use an external DAC with node 2i
+1 big_greg. I’ve got exact same experience with switching from node 2 to NT-505, perceptible upgrade in SQ. My next upgrade in SQ was switching to cat8 shielded Ethernet cable.  
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
Karan AcousticsNagraBurmesterBlock AudioVItus AudioBoulder NaimNo doubt, D'Agostino Is one of the best, but nice distinctive exterior is not everything.  
Last Audition - Blown Away By A Lottery System
+1 MC.... affordable and amazing SQ could be just within a couple steps away from you. It kind a boring to pay top $$$ and just peace yourself. The real satisfaction is when you get to the point of amazing SQ by comparing and making right choices ... 
Ribbon Tweeters and Animal Hair
Keep it on ! Lots of stories around about animals damaged different kind of  equipment. The last one here was about cat urinated on top dollar amplifier caused electrical shortage and amp totalled. Speakers dynamics is along standing thing. Their ... 
Neil Young calls out Tidal
We lose something we find something. Metallica just joined Tidal with eleven their albums in master quality. Happy listening.  
Help! Spakers damaged during shipping?Paid insurance (with proof)being told not Insured?
I bought big and heavy floor standings for my daughter from audiolab a couple years ago. They used some small, unknown shipping company. Upon delivery the OEM boxes was so weak and damaged, wholes and ruptures was all over it. When I saw the boxes... 
Why so many angry audiophiles?
We are angry and paranoiac some times just because we always think that we are missing something in our best SQ pursuit, however any good psychiatrist can tell you that mild paranoia could have positive effect on person behaviour and leading to go... 
CD or DVD player to use as a transport
Cambridge Audio CXU Universal Player !!! Eats everything CD, SACD, HDCD, DVD, Bluray, and some other formats. Highly capable DACs on board, audio upsampling future, oh and extremely regarded Pure Audio future which disables all electrical chains e... 
How old are you?
Yah, as I thought... average here is 50-60 years old... the age when it’s ok to spend tons of money for nice sounding gear :) 
Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you?
Yah, some people just can’t be critical to yourself. One day they published links with the pictures how their system components changed within last 16 years and now they tell us that they never made a mistake or not satisfied with their choice... lol