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PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamp
Hi  so-al, could you plz disclose Pallenes Output impedance? Does it have 12v trigger, headphone stage and dose it futures remote “on” and “off” function? 
PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamp
Hi, akiravelvet... not sure that LS-36.5 is better option.... no headphone stage, no 12v trigger, remote won’t control “on” and “off” function... comparing reviews is kind controversial... 
PS Audio BHK Signature vs Modwright LS100 preamp
Hi, unfortunately i can’t find any reliable data on Aesthetix Pallene specifications... look like this unit is kind a rare.  
Mid Range Streamer DAC recommendation help requested!
Teac NT-505... I have one for about five months... bought it directly from Teac USA with %40 discount...Installed firmware upgrade right away... SQ is just amazing and so far no complaints, except original app won’t work stable, but this is not a ... 
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
Consider Modwright LS300. Very capable peace with a lot of options and it in your price range ($14k) 
1st SACD Purchase
I can recommend this one, very rare German press in 2+2+2 recording SACD... the SQ is just amazing... one of the best records I ever heard. one is also pretty good:h... 
Lumin or Aurender
My vote for Lumin. It gives you more options with streaming services. Lumin supports Tidal MQA decoding, Aurender don’t. However, if you live in Russia doesn’t matter...unfortunately Hi Res streaming services does not exist in Russia.  
Big source improvement using CD player
In your price range I can recommend CAMBRIDGE AUDIO - CXU ($800) Decent player with five separate Wolfson WM8740 DACs on board and upsampling (Adaptive Time Filtering). upsamples all audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. “Pure Audio” mode could be used to di... 
Matching fully balanced with unbalanced.
Tnx, atmasphere...full and argumentative explanation.  I knew the topic isn’t easy... but consensus should be reachable:) ... However, Physics is not Psychic. :) 
Matching fully balanced with unbalanced.
Of course testing and listening that for sure, but could any body throw scientific base under this topic? 
Matching fully balanced with unbalanced.
I think all XLR interconnects are true balanced, rather components could be not even if they equipped with XLR connections.... I wasn’t trying to go chipper on my preamp..i just try to understand if it beneficial to go balanced as far as I can in ... 
Matching fully balanced with unbalanced.
other words, run balanced as far as u can should be beneficial you think? ...  yes, unbalanced amp is equipped with XLR inputs.   
plz suggest a tube preamp to match Parasound A21 amp
If Balanced input of A21 used the impedance is 66 kΩ..... 33kΩ is for RCA input only.  
plz suggest a tube preamp to match Parasound A21 amp
Freya +/A21 combo sound better than my SS (p6)  and I know that I could play with tube rolling to polish the SQ, but that clicking-scraping volume control and pretty long start delay of Freya is Just not for me.  
TEAC NT-505 impossible connecting to WiFi router o such LAN: help me please?
My own experience with NT-505:I bought the unit directly from Teac six weeks ago, connected with 26 feet 8-cat Ethernet cord to my router. Weeks 1-2: no problem at all. The unit and app was working just perfect, no drop offs, no connection issues,...