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Tricky situation and logical way out not always a help. If you was satisfied with your three way sound signature adding subs could not be solution. I would go with amp or speakers replacement.   
Do I need a dac
If external DACs quality and specs will be at least like your T2 internal DAC or better, SQ will improve.  
Audio Research Refernce 75se
Ask seller if it possible to look inside…so you could figure out where the buzzing comes from….  buzzing could come from one of the warming up tubes… if so that is not a problem at all.   
Are there any audiophile Air BnB's?
Nice idea but I don’t know who would trust Air BnB's tenants with high end system. This is like to borrow your toothbrush to someone. Ones I was out for several days  vacation and my adult daughter with her boyfriend who is professional DJ tried t... 
Paypal Changes for 2022
@wsrrsw  Lots of high end discontinued gear getting more expensive with time. The proofs are all around: vintage phono carts and NOS tubes, rare discontinued cables, OPPO Players…. For example discontinued Cambridge CXU price got almost twice mor... 
Paypal Changes for 2022
As I understand the rule is straight and simple: no profit with in a sale - no tax has to be paid… just provide all the forms to your account or if you prepare your taxes personally, make all necessary calculations, if you have any profit - pay yo... 
Walmart, 97 cents, for Vibration Control
:) yah, simple solutions could be just genius… At some point I successfully used washing machine anti vibration pads with my 78lb monoblocks.  
Best CD player from this list
Another Cambridge should be added to the list. Cambridge CXU is universal disc beast.   
Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
Vote for Your Top OP'er One Only Please !
“You Shall Not Make for Yourself an Idol” (Exodus 20:4)    
Audio Research or Luxman?
Personality I didn’t have chance to compare, but close friend of mine was using his  Luxman 507ux as a preamp with his tube monoblocks for years and was pretty happy with SQ until he tried Bespoke passive preamp instead. He was really shocked with... 
Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
@4krowme  Soundproofing is not only about to be nice to you neighbors or relatives. Sound is Energy and if you have leak of energy you have nothing to work with using all those panels and fancy tricks.   
Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
@4krowme  no, this is your insinuation, the OP was asking about room treatment not room acoustic, so soundproofing is under the topic and first thing to start with.   
Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
Room Treaments - Where To Begin... Beginning is not at placing acoustic panels or analysis of room characteristics. First thing you need to do is to seal all possible acoustic leaks. Imagine that your room is the vessel filled with water, then ... 
Thank you millercarbon
The Thank you Note is nice, but how’s the sales of M101 Supernova !?? .. Without decent output the thank you note is no more than marketing move.