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Tube Vs. SS Preamps
Dogmatic approach to the question is wrong. Individual preference should be on the first place. Personality, I prefer tubes in pre amplification. I moved to tubes from SS in my main system about 15 years ago and never looked back, however I still ... 
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
In that price category the Tavish Adagio definitely worth an attention. The Rogue Audio Ares is great too and if you can stretch to $500 more you could consider Magnum version of Ares which is truly excellent, I’m very happy with my.  
Tube Line Stage around $5k
In that price range the best you could get is Modwright LS 36.5.  
REMINDER: tighten up your loose screws
Yah, the blue thread lock is good too but it’s an extra non necessary move like buying, spending and nail polish is always there in your wife’s medicine cabinet waiting for some real purpose  :) 
REMINDER: tighten up your loose screws
Long time ago when i used to have speakers with back panel attached with the screws I didn’t go crazy screw them extra tight, I just used nail polish to put them on. Nail polish is easy to unscrew if you need it and at the same time it holds screw... 
Top 5 Reaons to NOT BUY A TURNTABLE.
What are your thoughts? That’s totally fine. The video is made for the guys who try to make excuse for themselves or for youngsters who looking for better SQ but not able to handle simple handy and brain work and that’s totally fine… less people i... 
Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?
@audition__audi It could be absurd in theory, but I done lots of practical experiments on this topic, so my opinion is pretty strong about it…. Oh, and I’m not alone with this conclusion… 
Does Heavy Metal music benefit from a high end audio system?
In general any genre will benefit from better system. What’s more interesting is the fact that Heavy Metal benefits more from solid state systems than from tubes. I have both kinds of systems and got proof of that fact many times.  
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
While driving Apple Music or Tidal via onboard system… I don’t expect any good sound from it.. mostly focusing on lyrics and meanings…however, I also keep my Dragonfly Cobalt with Sennheiser HD 650 in my car and when I have to wait, for example, f... 
Solid state amp to go with tube preamp; used ok; budget: $3k max
Modwright KWA 100 SE could be good choice … oh, and it was intentionally designed to pair with tube preamp.  
Moving to the UK - Need Transformer
Unfortunately this ad is expired but I think for your situation something like that would be the best- 
Moving to the UK - Need Transformer
Go with power regenerator, as step down transformer will negatively affect SQ. 
Speaker Recommendation up to 70k
You choose a wrong place to ask your question. Most here are trying to squeeze the best out of relatively small things. Most opinions here would not be based on real experience and hard to rely on or would be just trolling useless insinuations. My... 
Stereo Preamp suggestion
I tried P6 when it was first released.. find it pretty universal and functional but boring sounding. +1 for Modwright LS100 and Herron VTSP-360 Reference.  
If there’s an audiophile exit ramp, this ain’t it…
The SQ pursuit and upgrading rush is like money…. Newer enough…..with getting more or better your inquiries just goes up too and new mirages at new horizons appears to be not so illusive. The race is endless and could be destructive for some so it...