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Questions about tweaking Squeezebox software
That is correct; AIFF is NOT native to squeezebox. Go to the forums or check the specs on SB. 
Solving a 2.0 Toslink problem
Check the toslink cable. That is the most likely cause of the problem. 
Filling Room s with Sound
huh?? Maybe try again and restate your position. Thanks. 
Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,
A couple years ago, I sent a couple powercords back to Robert Lee to be reterminated and he mentioned working on a new cable that would eliminate skin effect and sound really smooth. Are the absolute copper cables those? Maybe. I love their produc... 
Mint Protractor for the Classic Toneram 10.5i-SE
http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1304025403&openmine&zzSwanny76109&4&5#Swanny76109 See my earlier thread on this topic. I got 259 mm on my spindle to pivot distance (not 258). Yip confirmed this as correct and that... 
Mint Protractor for the Classic Toneram 10.5i-SE
I confirm Brf and Captain above with the measurements. I sweated this one out too on the forums and you can probably find the threads in a search. Yip made a Mint for my Classic using these specs and it has worked out great. Yes, it ends up being ... 
Benz Micro Wood SL - Repair or Replacement?
The dyna xx2 is a great match to the Classic. If your tastes run to rock, blues, jazz it is outstanding. I think your whest phono stage will have plenty gain-- I run about 76 total. 
Wiring schematic for a Forte 4a
Jon Soderberg at VintageAmpRepair DOT net is the guru. Check with him. He rebuilt my Forte 5 and 40 pre. He uses great parts--Nichicon, Black Gate, etc. 
Phono preamp comparison/Pass,Herron,Avid
Hey Kennyb-- I agree that the XP15 was also one of the biggest upgrades in my system. Of course I was replacing a PS audio GCPH so it was an exponential upgrade. I have no doubt the importance of the phono stage in any system. It's a real good pla... 
Can You Get 1,000 WPC Out Of Regular Wall Socket?
Bel Canto Ref 1000M is not rated below 2 ohm impedances. And they do better with higher impedances, 4 or above, for the least distortion. The online Stereophile review with John Atkinson's follow up tests will show the specs and test results. This... 
Found the ground loop hum source, how to fix?
check the threads here==there are Coax filters you can install between the cable and the box that will eliminate the ground loop. 
Phono preamp comparison/Pass,Herron,Avid
Hi Teeshot, I have the XP15 with the XX2mk2 on my VPI Classic 1 and it's a great combination. I have found you need a lot of gain with this cartridge. I run the XP15 at 66 db gain loaded at 100 ohms into my Pass XP10 pre which provides another 10 ... 
Recording quality by decade
Watch the Dave Grohl documentary Sound City. It's a pretty good survey of how recording technology peaked in the 70s and digital did it in during the 80s and how pro tools leaves us now. Very good stuff. 
Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,
Cardas cables are sensitive to being moved around and hooked up. They take a while to stabilize in the system even if used and broken in. I am intrigued by the JPS cables! Golden Cross does a lot I like but it does have its flaws. 
Anyone upgrade from a Pass XP15 to a Pass XP25
I love my XP15. I wouldn't be able to comprehend how much better the 25 would be.