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Adcom GFP 750 preamp "hum"
It is probably the torroidal transformer humming because of DC on the AC line--and that could explain why you only hear it certain times of day. I wouldn't worry about it if there are no ill effects during listening. I owned a GFP750 a few years b... 
Help With System hum, Please
Doesn't the Andros have all sorts of grounding options on the back--float, etc? Try those and see. 
Rotel RC 995 preamp v RC 1070 any reason for one o
The RC995 is nothing special. I owned one but it didn't last long for me. I would consider many other options if you want a grain free and wide sound stage. 
It's all over now, baby blue. Or is it not?
Share your enjoyment of music with your loved ones. Your wife will understand and welcome your hobby when she sees you dancing around to your system with your kids. They will get older soon enough and put on their earbuds and tune you out. Put on ... 
XA30.5 single ended connection
Pass is always better run balanced. 
Left Speaker is Magnificent.
If you can diagnose a bad driver you can replace yourself and get parts from NHT 
Left Speaker is Magnificent.
Blown tweeter most likely. Take a paper towel roll put one end over it and your ear on the other end to see if you hear anything. Speaker has to be hooked up of course 
Beware of 'Ghost Switching'
Another possibility could be the garage door opener. I swear this same thing happened to me with my Pass Labs XP 10 preamp right when my wife came home. Inputs switched somehow and I think the garage remote did it. 
McIntosh on CBS News
Love the Wall of Sound. Thanks for sharing. I am going to show this to my father in law who has family in Binghamton and goes there all the time, but has never heard of McIntosh. 
Analog setup - do it your self or hire a pro?
Agree with all who suggest learning it on your own too. It's very rewarding, especially if you are even slightly OCD. It will bring that out, for sure. Bob's advice above is excellent--that article along with the Fremer DVD forms the basis of my s... 
dc10audio Berlin Destryed the Competition at RMAF
@Branislav--hey man! And I agree. I wish the moderators would get rid of this troll. So annoying. 
Ripping problem
Db Poweramp works great with FLAC files for metadata. But you need the full not trial version. Pay for the one that gives you lifetime metadata access. It's about 35 bucks or so. Computer audio is a pain at startup. Just pick a methodology that wo... 
Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day very impressive on all counts: Visuals, SQ and musicianship/performance. Jason Bonham did his dad proud. Get it and turn to "11!" 
Who is Harry Nillson
I loved seeing how he got the inspiration to write "One (is the Loneliest Number) after placing a call and hearing the metronomic tone of the busy signal coming back through the receiver. Remember that sound? What a brilliant melodist and a sad cr... 
Dynavector xv-1s setting question
I hope you mean 2.0 g, NOT 20.0 g as you state above. That will kill this great cartridge for sure. 27 would really have killed it. Please check and verify before doing anything else! Please.