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Which bookshelf speakers to buy?
Please check into the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1s. They were better than my Tyler Taylos, and actually hung in there with My Tyler Linrooks(!) being better balanced and more musical (though not as resolute). Also search reviews of the Sierra-1s. I ... 
Quad 12L at low volume
I would concur with everyone here. The passives need some juice, but the actives are just awesome even at low volume. The active versions show up all the time here. Snag a pair and you won't be sorry.I've heard the Titus and think that Mapman is r... 
What are KT94 Vacuum Tubes?
Thanks for your input guys. I will definitely call Kevin. I checked that it might be 4 KT90s--no such luck, but it was a brilliant suggestion. Anyone else out there? KT94s? 
A List of CDP with Variable Output
I must be doing something wrong in my search because I tried what you suggested but came up empty handed--my bad no doubt.I'd consider new and used. How did the Quad CDP2 work for you. That was one I was going to search out for a test run. Thought... 
Open Baffle Phy HP KM 30 SAG update
I am absolutely useless when it comes to woodworking etc. If I took the Battle Plan OB plan on the PHY-HP website to a cabinet maker are they definitive enough for him or her to produce said speaker design? 
What's The Word On The Street? Bel Canto Ref 1000
Okay, maybe my info is all wrong. but I can get new Ice amp monoblocks for 888 a piece, and the Bel Canto Ref 1000 is 4000 new. Are my numbers wrong. It seems that's what I've seen on the A'gon? 
Any Bob fans out there?
Damn straight Mould is an icon. Zen Arcade's my fav, but enjoy Last Dog and Pony Show as well. I totally agree with the Spector comment--hadn't thought about it like that--great insight Edesilva. 
Is solid state obsolete?
The old "different strokes for different folks" still applies here. I love going into my local dealers and listening to his mega-tube Audio Research stuff. BUT MAGGIES AND TOOBS--NO WAY, NOT FOR ME. IT"S MAGGIE WITH BOOBS FOR ME! (insert smiley fa... 
Is solid state obsolete?
LOL--I love being called stupid! Look , there are inherent problems and strengths with each of the genres and sub-genres of amplification. I still own a 300B plant and a digital lump because I enjoy them, they're fun, but a well designed class A s... 
Is solid state obsolete?
I have owned all varieties, solid state, hybrids, tubes, digital amps--and nothing but nothing beats a well made class A ss amp--nothing! THE REST ARE ALL SUPERSITION, enjoyable superstition, but still a lie. 
SCD XA-9000 ES or DVP-9000ES w/modwright level III
PS Audio "Gain Cell" Amps & Preamps?
I have the same question. This is a major player, one that creates industry buzz, and I've heard nothing. The gain cell is suppose to be revolutionarily quiet, but so has the press, the various audio forums, etc. What gives? Maybe this stuff sucks... 
Music you didn't like at first... but now?
Mars Volta. At first I thought they were thoughlessly harsh, but I've discovered that my kid's not such a knucklehead. He played it about ten times yesterday, and by the time I got done eavesdropping I discovered they're complex and fun. Geez, I w... 
Norah Jones?
She's okay, but nothing special. Like this month's flavor I think she'll fade away. Pleasurable? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Artistic? Groundbreaker? A keeper? No way. But then again, there's nothing wrong with mere entertainment. I like plenty ... 
Anyone pay 1st price, Even if it's fair ? Poll
I never pay asking price, but I'm not here to insult anyone. At most I offer 20% less, but 9 times out of ten 10% less. If I think my offer is fair I don't feel bad about it. On the other hand, people offering 1/2 price--well, that's just ridiculo...