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Bel Canto Evo 200.2 and JM Reynaud Speakers
The Soundstage review of the Bel Canto says that it's perfect for 4-ohm loads. I should know; I own the Bel Canto and use Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks (4-ohm as well) and the Bel Canto makes them absolutely sing! 
Replace Cambridge Audio D500 or add DAC?
Get a DAC. Easier to upgrade in the future. If you need air and detail get an EVS, if you need liquidity and musicality get a Bel Canto 1.1. Don't go for just the Bel C 1.0 however. 
Evo owners What speakers work well with your amp?
I own the EVO 2002.2 and run it through a pair of Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks. Detail and liquidity, Sounstage and slam, it's got it all! Great speakers, great service, remember you're buying a company as well as a product.About the only criticism I ... 
Which small but great monitors?
Linfield speaks the god's truth. Tyler Acoustics monitors or minimonitors are the bomb! The minis have the most exquiste bass and the revelator tweeter is one of the best in the biz. A used pair of minis can be had for about 750 smackers. You not ... 
NAD CD Player - C521, C541Which one?
The C541 is the route to go. It'll sound great. I own a C540 and found that it is prone to skipping though. At times this is frustrating and no amount of damping or isolating will fix the problem. It could be this unit only, maybe I got the one le... 
Which DAC is supposed to be better?
I agree with Tim. Try the EVS, it'll give you the detail and space that you need in your system. I also like the Bel Canto 1.1. In fact I prefer it to the EVS, but when I bought mine I had a system that needed liquidity. Everything is system depen... 
Other great classified add sources,even Canada?
I'm here in the States and found that buying Canadian isn't a problem. In fact, transactions from both sides have been identical for me. No customs fee, no UPS fees, nothing. Not sure why as I hear horror stories sometimes about the difficulties i... 
Tube amps that can hande 4 ohmsl
Once again the Audiogon group has been fantastic. Thanks so much for your help, quick and lots to think about. I really appreciate the time you take to drop a comment. 
DACs with volume controls
Thanks again guys. EVS with volume controls....hmmmm....more than a little intriguing. 
DACs with volume controls
Geez, one day and all these responses, you guys are great. You've given me stuff to start my research, and I love researching!Does anyone else agree with Stevegolf1? That if I'm looking to save money by "skipping" a component it might be better to... 
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook
Thanks Art. It sure does help. I'm 1000 miles from Boston so it's not very practical for me to audition. I'm glad you can drive them with a tube amp, in that, I'm thinking of moving in that direction as well. 
Granite instead of an amp stand?
That's my point. I heard the zoethecus amp stands and they were great, but the cheapest one I found was 500 bucks. Which isn't too bad except I'm poorer than an audiophile should be. I can get a 3 inch thick 20x20 slab of marble for around 100 dol... 
Anyone familiar with CANTON spkrs
Auditioned several pairs of Canton--absolutely etched, so accurate they were scary. The downside? I thought they lacked liquidity, but if you're looking for a tight sound these are your babies.