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Best cart. for a Origin Conqueror MK3C arm?
Nice rig - I like the new Ortofon MC Quintet range - the blue is what Im using now with OL Illustrious arm 
Which is Better? Musical Fidelty A5 (used) or new Rogue Sphinx?
I have listened to both and if it were me I would opt for the Rogue. It has a nice phono stage too 
Floor Standing Speakers That Would Sound Good With the NAD Integrated Amplifier.
Whats a good Integrated with a good phono section
Rogue - hands down 
Killer Floor Standing Speakers under $4000 for Rock?
try something from TEKTON DESIGNS 
slight hum in turntable...A little advice please.
sounds like a grounding issue. make sure all your connections are secure and in phase.  
Turntable Help
new planar 1 hands down 
Cartridge Recommendation
try one from soundsmith 
Please help ...integrated amp under $1200
NO DOUBT:http://www.rogueaudio.com/Products_sphinx.htm  
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Allman Bros Fillmore EastGrateful Dead LiveThe Who Live at LeedsCheap Trick Live at BudokanKiss Alive 
whats your present system? 
Is the Merill "Gem Dandy" turntable far superior in sound than the Project RPM-3 TT??
Merrill Gem Dandy is a quality deck 
Suggest affordable cable options
Suggest affordable cable options
Clearaudio Emotion SE: Good choice for Classic Rock?
Origin Live Aurora with Silver arm and power supply