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Most Effective Tweaks?
Room acoustic treatments - as good as a component upgrade 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
Need your thoughts & recommendations on these preamps...
See if you can score a McCormack pre amp - ALD deluxe sounded great in my system. 
What is the perferred material for a TT shelf?
Turntable/arm/catridge choices have me spinning
I have a lot of experience with the Origin Live Aurora Mk III w/Silver armand the Resolution with Illustrious arm.I cant recommend highly enough. Anything you want to know? 
Pre amp out on Pass Labs INT-150
Try hooking the sub directly to the speaker taps on the ampĀ  
Speaker Recommendations for my Vintage Marantz 2270 and Miracord 50H MK II
Entry level amp
Integrated - NAD 
Speaker help under $2,500
DVD-Audio Mint Condition Collection....
I have the DOORS LA WOMAN dvd-a for sale on discogs for $15 if anyone is interested. 
The Turn - second pressing is shipping
i got the second pressing - very nice 
The Band: S/T and/or Music from the Big Pink
Go for the RL versions. Read Michael Fremers reviews of these too. Cheers 
Used Floor Standers for around $1k
check out some tekton designs speakers - new 
Speakers sonically similar to Sonus Faber?
Usher 718 
What do you recommend for a solid state for office
rogue sphinx