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Vintage speakers 80s-90s.....
I would definately go with the Klipsch. IMO-the kg (I think they are also called the Classic) series are more musical than the current line up. Check out Hereseys, Chorus or the kg4s. Good luck. 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
I think there are lots. A few are: Led Zep-I, II and IIIBeatles-Rubber Soul, Revolver, St Peppers, Abby RoadVan Morrison-Moondance, Asteral WeeksWho-Who's NextQueen-Night at the OperaRolling Stones-Let it BleedRoxy Music-Avalon 
Interconnects for Musical Fidelity A3.2 system
I would recommend you use the same IC all around if possible, and budget about as much as one of your components if possible. I had good results with Van Den Hul. 
Best Looking SS Integrated Amplifiers Under $2,000
YBA is very nice looking too 
Speakers for Rock Music
Check out Klipsch Heresy-they are compact and have all the qualities you are looking for in a speaker. 
Time to move on from my old SOTA ?
Keep your SOTA-once the factory refurb. it will be good as new. Put money into other components, cables, new vinyl or a record cleaning machine. 
Speaker suggestions
Check out Usher speakers-the whole range is nice and offers good value 
Great speakers for a small room
Ushers will perform well in that space with 60 watts 
Interconnects under $100 RCA for phono to preamp
Of all the tweks, I think isolation devises are the best way to improve sound quality, particularly under source components. I used Vibrapods/cones under my TT. I set them points up on my equipement rack shelf (which is made of glass which I hear ... 
Will grounding plugs improve the sound of my NAD ?
Thanks-I have a TT so the phono input is being used. I suppose grounding plugs are not worth the money/effort for me as I dont care too much if a little dust gets in. Gracias. 
Recommendation of a good nearfield speaker
Usher monitors-BE or X series 
Speakers for bad rock recordings
What Klipsch speakers do you have? In my opinion, the classic series from Klipsch (Heresey etc) sound better than later models. In any event, I agree that you should look into Jolida's integrated unit and keep the Kilpsch. I hear the Onix is good ... 
Certainly Vibropods are a very cheap tweak, and crossing power ICs at right angles is easy and cheap too. I have not heard of putting grounding caps in unused pre-ins. Does anyone know where to get grounding caps or how much they cost? 
SS Amp Recommendations?
If you can get a McCormack amp-do it. Otherwise look at B&K ST140 ($200-250 used). Also consider Musical Fidelity.