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Flat Records?
I have received several heavy vinyl records that are warped. I thot the heavy records would be better, but im not so sure they are any better than standard issue, just more expensive. 
Flat Records?
I complained to Classic about a damaged rrecord, I wanted a refund or exchange-never heard from them. That said, I understand that sometimes "audiophile" LPs are not "dehorned" before going to the consumer. That means you need to play the record a... 
Preamp with phono stage for under $1000
I think the McCorack ADL w phono is gret-about $750 used. For tubes, try Conrad Johnson CV-5 
NAD vs. Adcom
I agree that Adcom products are not very musical. However, many people seem to like to 555 II. What is your budget? Maybe you could get into a McCormack amp-say the DNA .5. That is a very good amp. If not, try a B&K ST-140. Very musical, 120 w... 
Interconnects under $100 RCA for phono to preamp
I have MIT IC for sale-10 foot pair for $150-very nice 
What was your most engaging audio experiance
In an audio salon in Chicago, approx 1995. It was a DIY speaker using McCormack electronics playing Stevie Ray Von. It was so clean, clear and convincing. I dont recall the name of the sudio salon or the owner-builder of the DIY speaker, but if I ... 
Double Albums/CDs, curse or blessing?
I think there are lots of examples (especially lp), how about:Smashing Pumpkins MeloncollieZepplin Physical GraffettiU2 Joshua TreeWho Quadraphenia 
Recommendations for rear speakers w/ PSB Synchrny2
I didnt mean that voices come thru the rears. I mean that when a loudspeaker is created, the creator will "voice" the speakers similarly so that the frequency range is similar. 
Recommendations for rear speakers w/ PSB Synchrny2
Its best to use the same manufacture for rears as the fronts as they will be similarly voiced. If you cant swing the synchrony S surround speakers, go for a less expensive psb speaker. Good luck. 
I need SS muscle
McCormack has some very nice sounding amps, high current too 
usually you can hear some distortion due to the voice coil being fried. it will be most noticable on louder passages with bass. you will hear what sounds like scratching or it might sound like little to no bass response. 
component placement
Can your c/d player go on the floor under your rack (although it would be difficult to change cds). Maybe a wall shelf is the best solution, or another rack next to your current one, or maybe replace your current rack with one with more shelves. G... 
Preamp upgrade for NAD 320BEE
Hi-Since your NAD does not have phono, I assume you dont need it. You dont mention a budget, but I will assume $500. For that, I would look to used gear. I really like McCormack products. The Micro Line Drive pre amp or the TLC pre amp are both ex... 
Cart upgrade advice for Music Hall 5.1
Do you know if you want MC or MM? In this price range, I would go with a good MM. Ortofon has some new ones called 2M. They range from about $100 to $700. I have a Bronze which is about $400. I am very happy with it. Sounds like a MC but not as ex... 
Best speakers to go with a turntable
I believe the Heresys are rated around 98db, so they will sound great.