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Wilson Sophia vs Usher Mini Dancer II
I use a Pass INT 150 with the Mini Dancer II with GREAT results. 
Amps under $5k that are resolving at low volumes?
Merrill Audio Thor monoblocks 
Speaker recommendation
Cant go wrong with Tekton Designs Pendragons or Enzos 
Speakers for Vintage Marantz ? Plus other Qs
Klipsch Heresy 
Need New Bookshelf Speakers of Certain 'Style'
I like the Silverlines. 
worst sounding great lps
Stones - Exile 
Best value in a HO movig magnet $150-$200
Ortofon 2M Blue 
Old VPI Scout: Cartridge Help
Grado Gold1 or up 
Power Cord Advice
I like Anti Cable's PCs 
good integrated amp for around $500
nad, cambridge 
Getting ready for new cart
I noticed my Dynavector cantilever is angled to the right as well. I would welcome any comments about this condition. 
Is it possible to have Good Imaging close to wall
sure speakers will image well when placed near a wall - but it might not produce the best a speaker is capable. 
audiphile power cords
I heard a distinct improvement when I swapped out a stock PC with AntiCable's Level 3 PC particularly with my phono amp - the AntiCable is a braided design which is inexpensive and offers a return policy. 
Blue Circle TLC Power Conditioner
ditto - my experience is plugging amps directly into the wall is best 
Recommend a recording that shows of soundstage
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Sessions