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Best speakers to go with a turntable
go for the klipsch-but maybe a used pair of Hereseys for about $400 (USD), very efficient and great for rock. Plus, for klipsch, they are small so shipping wont cost much. Cheers. 
Best "Wish You Were Here"
I have it on CBS original pressing and Mastersound-half speed. Both are very good. The Mastersound has more impact but is more expensive. Its a great record, but I would stick with the original vinyl issue. Cheers 
NAD c725bee receiver and PSB Imagine T Towers
the nad will drive it but might fall short a bit when playing loudly-but within bounds it wil be fine. You could always purchase a nad amp with same power ratings and run mono-that would be plenty of power for almost any speaker 
Which Totem Speaker - 12'x14' room
Model 1 sigs will fill your room w/ good amount of bass without overloading it. 
Budget amp recommendation needed
I like McCormack and B&K amps, lots of muscle and fine sound. 
SS Amps that are NOT warm and euphonic ?
I like the McCormack amps 
Next step: tube pre or tube power amp?
I would opt for a tubed pre amp. It will give you a hint of tube magic, and a ss amp will give you slam speed and bass impact. 
Forward Monitor with Detail Speed and liquid Highs
I have not heard all the speakers you mention, ut I have heard most of them. I selected the Ushers and my vote goes to them-they are front ported so they shouldnt over load your room (in my experience its rear ported speakers are more difficult to... 
Interconnect for sweet, silky violin sound
For pre amp to amp and pre to cd, I really like Cardas or Van den Hul. Both are excellent. 
How loud do you like to play your music?
I like o listen at around 75 db-but louder if its a good recording-it feels more like a live event when its loud 
How large is your music collection?
600 cds/500 lps 
I need help with my Equipment addiction
Admitting you have a problem is the first step... 
NAD Integrated Comparison
I owned an older NAD monitor series reciever which I liked alot. Since, I have owned gear from CJ, Aragon and McCormack. Presently I am listening to a NAD integrated amp-C355BEE. The preamp/amp is very good. Not up to the McCormack gear, but surpr... 
low phono output, high c/d output-what gives?
Yogiboy-Good tip. I will give them a try. thanks. 
Lacking Soundstage - Vandersteen 2C
Try room treatments. I read the following tip-it makes a big difference in the image and soundstage, and its easy- Take a small mirror and have a friend hold it against the side wall. While sitting in the listening position, have your friend move ...