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How much are your speakers toed in?
My Usher X718 have moderate toe-in-about 15 degrees. It provides a stable center and wide soundstage 
Best amps for Usher X 718
I want an integrated amp w phono 
New favorite VINYL Album?
I really like the new The Arcade Fire lp and the fairly new Kings of Leon. Recommended if you like the music. 
NAD receivers are probably your best bet. I like old Marantz or McIntosh too but reliability can be an issue. You might want to try and integrated amp and you'll have alot more choices. 
Entry-level Turntable
I would go with a used table. Rega P2 or 3 , or Linn Axis should be obtainable in your budget. They are all good. 
Getting back into analog
My opinion is that you are far better off have a built-in phono section. Particularly in your price range. 
Looking for a great, inexpensive phono stage...
I would go for a Parasound, NAD or Rega if its for the short term. 
grilles on or off the speakers??
My Ushers are voiced with the grills off-so thats how I listen to them. 
centering the human voice
Try placing a mirror on the wall at the same hight as the tweeters. Sit in your listening position and have a friend move the mirror along the wall until you can see the tweeter from your seat. Mark the spot and do the other wall. These are the fi... 
I love vinyl, but if you want to hear the absolute best this recording can sound-get it on DVD-Audio. Hands down it will trump any other pressings. 
Speaker recommendations
I purchased pre-owned Usher X 718 with stands. They are great speakers for the money-the berst Ive owned out of B&W and Appogee. Everything i've read about the Ushers are true. Bass is ample and they play loud. I recommend you go listen to som... 
Totem Forest Speakers.....
I think they are too close to the rear wall. Try the rule of fifths...divide the room into 5 equal spaces. Place the speakers at the first space, and your listening chair in the fifth space. This is a take-off on the rule of thirds-which is better... 
Speaker recommendations
What if I up my budget to $1500? ProAc's, Vandy's, Thiel, Totem, Alons, Silverlines, Ushers, can all be had for somewhere b/t $1000-$1500. Would any of these work? 
Speaker recommendations
I want to replace the kg4's b/c, IMO, they sound a tad bright, they dont image well, and the finish isnt good any more either. 
Speaker recommendations
I have above $1000 to spend on speakers. I prefer full range b/c I wont have to spend extra for stands and a sub and speaker wires. But, I like to pin point imaging that comes with monitors, and I like the flexibility of a sub...does that help?