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Small, Effective Subwoofers?
I have the Hsu ULS15 MkII and like it.  Makes percussion instruments sound very life-like.  
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
@wolfie62 You are correct that ”I don’t like it” is not the same as “not as described.”  But all the buyer has to say is that it isn’t working properly and he will automatically be given a return authorization.  That apparently is what happened he... 
Rell or JL subwoofer?
I bought a Hsu ULS15 Mk II for music and am very pleased with it.  They told me that  if I played very low frequency organ music or would use it for movies, I should get a ported version such as the VTF3 Mk 5.  Hsu sells direct, so there is no mid... 
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
“No returns” on eBay does not apply if the buyer claims the item isn’t working or described properly. ‘EBay does not inspect items claimed as such and takes the buyers word.  They will immediately allow the buyer to print a return label charged t... 
Independent Subwoofer Setup Question
Subs are heavy to hang on a wall.  I wonder if they would transmit vibrations into the wall, causing some sound issues.  Walls aren’t as inflexible as floors.    
Independent Subwoofer Setup Question
Oh, and if limited space doesn’t allow an adequate size 3rd sub, I’d look at replacing one or both of your existing subs.  Rythmik was another brand I liked.  The bigger your room, the bigger your subs should be.  
Independent Subwoofer Setup Question
I bought a Hsu ULS15 MkII and I think it is great.  It’s big and sealed, but not as big as ported subs. I don't think it’s physically possible to get really good bass out of small boxes and drivers. You didn’t mention what your 2 existing subs are... 
What to listen for?
@ghdprentice Thx for the tip!  I had never heard of her before, but she is good.  I’ll take your suggestion to use that song as a test. It’s great that you take the time to share your knowledge on this site.  It’s been a big help for me!    
What to listen for?
This is an interesting thread to me, to give me ideas on how to judge my system and any changes that I might make.  One thing I would add, is that clearly hearing the words on a vocal recording would be a good way to judge the quality of a system.  
Is It OK to Use a 20amp Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protector Suppressor Instead of a 15amp?
@raysmtb1 Would that be for medical grade?  My health is pretty good.  
Streaming Services
@christianb5s4 You recently said, “MQA is hit or miss in terms of sound quality”. I play Radio.Paradise MQA through a Node 3 and SMSL M400.  I noticed, for example, that in some Nora Jones songs her voice is lost in a mess of bass.  A Samantha Fi... 
Best shipping companies
@mastering92 OK, I hear you. I often ship items that cost up to $3000, so I’m very interested in how you are able to contact shippers to ask for careful handling. You mentioned FedEx as an example, would you call the general 800 number? Or do you ... 
Best shipping companies
@mastering92 I just can’t imagine being able to call any shipping company to tell them to be sure to handle a package with care. What company can you do this with? It can’t be DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS, as they’re handling millions of packages daily... 
Why Do Some Recordings Sound Great and Others Dead?
Based on the responses, i don’t think recording quality is the reason for the differences I hear.  My system and room just don’t go well with some recordings.  Cupping my ears towards the speakers seems to improve almost all of them, but while som... 
2 subs connected to a 2 channel amp?
I have a Node 3, SMSL DAC, 2 powered speakers and 2 powered subs.  From the DAC I have one coaxial cable to each speaker and sub.  The speakers use the 2 RCA outputs, and the Subs use the 2 XLR outputs.  Works well.  Since the DAC in the Node is b...