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Which songs/albums take you back to college?
at the risk of dating myself :Bachman Turner Overdrive Mcartney "Band on the Run"Spirit, Blue oyster Cult, Queen Just a few of the many incredible pieces of work! 
Arcam AVR600 vs Marantz AV8003
the AVR600 had lots of software issues i would think twice before going in that direction. i bought mine from American Theater on agon and it was nightmare!!dealing with arcam and american theater imho stay away from both. 
Top 5 Rock n Roll Vocalists
steve tyler!!!! 
The new B&k avr707 or Arcams av600
the avr 600 had software issues and the company is difficult to deal with. good luck! 
DC/ Preamps
dodd is the real deal makes everything sound "there" great soundstage, bass and dynamic range highly suggest you audition one i bought one and im tickled pink!!!! 
Recommend Speakers For Yamamoto
may want to consider baffleless speakers offered by morrow audio great bargain very cohearant and dynamic @ 100db i tried them as an experiment with set amp very impressed \and drivers not even broken in yet ted 
Power Cords on a $1000 budget what would you do?
revelation audio 
what' your favorite movie to show off your sys. w/
U-571, bad boyz II 
Wireless link from your computer to your system.
well i consider myself a high end guy and i have 3000 songs in my i-tunes library send the signal via airport express using apple lossless compression the sound is veryvery good on most songs is it perfect whose to say however the reproduction is ... 
Looking for a new speaker. Wilson Maxx II ??
hmm ? Kharma anyone 
Coldplay X&Y New Release
my prediction is album of the year 
Airport Express compared to High End Transport.
i have had similar positive experience using airport express into emm labs dcc-2 sounded almost as good as the cd/sd transport so good that i sold the $6000 transport 
Which Solid State Amplifier is Making you Happy?
Dartzeel dont comment unless you've listened to one 
Anyone heard of Gemstone Amps
i have one and i loves it great sound great value 6x 200wusing it with kharma grand ceramiques great resolution and speed and dynamics i have had some of the best equipment ie symphonic Line kraft 400's, jadis, reference line,custom tube gear and ... 
Best HT subwoofer betwwen $2k-3k?
i have velodyne dd-15 luvs it and you will too great in my ht and matched with my kharma grand ceramiques unbeatable sound