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Do you really need ultra expensive cables?
need no! however if you want a chance to bring your system to the next level the answer is yes cables do make a differrence if your system is high resolution period.money is relative so your investment is obviously a personal decision and boy is i... 
Tenor amps..."to pre or not to pre"
got the M6 and agree best improvement to any combination of components i have had during the past 12 years. brings chills,tears and joy to each day of listening 
Are You Satisfied?
After 12 years and 4 major systems i can finally sit back listen to music not wondering if something needs to be improved upon just added audio note dac 3.1x balanced and audio note M6 pre-amp and can honestly say i am satisfied not to say that @ ... 
Are You Satisfied?
well its been at least 10 years and 4 major systems i think and hope i am finally satisfied with my system audio note products i just added to my system has let me listen to the music no longer wondering if i need something betterof course @ their... 
Washington DC
i am in balto and would love to hear from any one in area now have kharma grand ceramiques and can compare notes trials and tribulations 800-900-2057 ted