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Is there an easy to use vcr?
I have the next-to-the-top of the line Panasonic (PV-4622), and it's pretty easy to use. I haven't had any problems doing anything with it, and it's less than $100, if you dig a little on price-comparison sites. Oh, by the way...for some reason, i... 
Best CD sound from a DVD player
BWhite--I agree with your comments about modding the unit, and I look forward to the ability to purchase a DV-8300 for myself. (The next question would be which receiver to buy, since separates will be out of my league, but I'll need a level of fi... 
Best CD sound from a DVD player
BWhite--Just bear in mind that the DV-8300 uses Crystal's second-best DAC chipset, not their best one. I have to admit, though, that I haven't heard the unit myself, nor have I seen any available reviews for it (I check online twice a day while I'... 
Barber in concert ... well worth the outing
I also saw (and loved) Patricia at the Women in Jazz Festival. SC, we gotta figure out a way to tell each other when fellow 'GoNers are going to be in the same place! 
Who is the best maracas player of all times?
I am by far the greatest maracas player of all time. It baffles the mind that you could even *consider* anyone else. 
A/V Receiver vs. seperates
$1500 would get you one of the better AV receivers, though it still wouldn't be quite the same as separates. Consider the Marantz SR-8200, for example. 
Patricia Barber "Verse" released and online
You guys should go to and get on her e-mail list. Every couple of months, they drop me an update of her releases, touring schedule, etc. The messages are frequent enough to be useful, but not so frequent that they're spamming yo... 
Kasey Chambers; "Barricades and Brickwalls"
I actually recommend every single song *except* those preferred by Jadem6. Like everything else in this hobby, it's all about personal choice in the end, huh? 
Best live album you've ever heard?
Judy at Carnegie Hall. I know of no other album that conveys the true magic of a performer's entire being as that one does. 
DVD for two channel home theater
If you buy any Bose equipment, dear Salsero, we will come to your house and pelt it with tomatoes, casserole, and other homegrown delicacies. 
Diana Krall - What is your favorite CD of hers?
If there was a CD called, "Diana Krall Shoots Herself in the Face," that one would become my favorite. 
What is your "evaluation cd"?
Judy At Carnegie Hall, the Gold DCS-remastered edition. It's a double-disk set, so I can test for lots of different vocal and instrumental dynamics with various tracks. 
Calibrating monitor
Actually, the color presets aren't labeled, except as "preset 1" and "preset 2". I'm not sure if those are 5000 and 6500, or what. The manual gave me no indication. In any case, I just have these 0-100 ratings for the categories I listed above. I ... 
Got Hip?
As a native of Buffalo, I heard the Hip out of Toronto radio stations all the time growing up. I have all their CDs, except for Road Apples, which I found sharply subpar compared to the rest of the group's efforts. 
Maple/light wood racks
These have all been very helpful ideas...thanks so much for the input. Not to get too drippy on you, but I really owe the 'Gon community a debt of gratitude for helping me out every step of the way. You guys haven't let me down yet.--Brian