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Reference Audio Mods to Meridian 508-24?
I have to wholeheartedly agree wih Dgarretson. Not only is Kyle everything DG says, he even went one better in my case. I had an Oppo 970 player that RAM modified extensively, only to learn that a rogue contractor was sometimes failing to implemen... 
iTunes music for home and on the go?
Personally, I just used iTunes to compress the less, um, significant tunes in my collection. Then I left the stuff I really care about in Apple Lossless.This got me under 113 GB, which to my memory is about how much an iPod Classic can hold (i.e.,... 
USB Cord Recommendation
I use the Kimber model with my computer to Nuforce Icon setup. The system mostly gained in the areas of resolution and detail over normal free USB cables. 
Very sad news
It's always tough when we lose one of our own, especially at such a young age. I'm sorry for your loss, which in a way is our loss as well. 
NuForce Icon hits the that is
I bought an Icon last week. Greatly improved desktop audio performance...using Lossless files, I can enjoy the sonics, within reasonable expectations. Great product and great value. 
Best PC and DAC Combo $700-ish
Thanks for the help, guys. I decided to go with a NuForce Icon and a pair of M-Audio Studiophile BX8a Deluxe speakers on sale at Amazon. Taken altogether, about $625 shipped. It's all on its way...hopefully I'll be happy. 
Looking for new universal player/Arcam DV137?
Personally, I bought a fully modded Oppo from Reference Audio Mods for that amount, and I'm thrilled with its two channel performance. 
Stuck on cabinet color
Macrojack: I laughed on AudioGon for the first time in two years because of your post. This is almost like having Slappy back! 
How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?
I've been an actual member since '01...but was reading and learning long before then.P.S.--Man, my system has *changed* since then! I have literally none of the same gear as when I joined, right down to the power cords. 
2-3K, Integrated or Seperates
While integrateds may always involve a sonic compromise compared to separates, I really feel the gap is diminishing as separates become better and better in quality. I personally shelled out a little more than 3k for a used Simaudio i7, but have h... 
3 way vs. 2 way
Will no one say that they prefer three-ways to two-ways in a "social" context? What is this website coming to? 
Merlin VSM-Mx with super BAM
As a VSM-MM owner, I agree that you don't need the 150 watts. Or at least not *Bryston's* 150 watts. They may be a little brawny and beefy for speakers that could use a little finesse in their amplification. 
Is there a "universal" problem playing Dual Discs?
Dual Discs are slightly thicker than other discs. As a result, some players are unable to read them; the laser just doesn't line up correctly because of the extra couple millimeters.If I were you, I'd contact the manufacturer and see if they've ha... 
Judy Garland
I third the Carnegie Hall CD (there are two discs, actually, in the Steve Hoffman DCC set). Hoffman did an incredible job, even though the limitations of the master tapes must have been more formidable than if the concert were recorded a few years... 
Audiophile TT article in Forbes
" was almost if I was looking at [P]enthouse for the first time."First I laughed, then I agreed with you, and finally I realized how sick we are and on how many levels. ;-)