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Belkin TuneFM for iPod
I have owned both the Belkin and the Monster cassette adapters. The Monster yielded considerably better results on every count, so maybe worth factoring in when considering which brand to buy. 
Belkin TuneFM for iPod
In my experience, FM tuners are a really lame (if often necessary) solution to this problem. More and more, cars are starting to either have iPod-specific interfaces, or at least an "Aux" connection. My last car, an Acura 2004 TL, had a cassette p... 
best redbook cd player versus good dvd-audio unit
My RAM modified Oppo 970 should be here early-mid week. I'll write a review once it's burned in...hopefully, that will help you somewhat. 
Beatles Love, should I run?
I have it on DVD-Audio. I've enjoyed the disc immensely, and I think it's because the mixes are tasteful, engaging, and creative. In other words, they could have basically just botched it like some dime-a-dozen club DJ screwing around with mixes f... 
The Kids Are Alright
Thanks for taking the time and energy to post this. As a 32 year old who has taken a similar audiophile arc, I can appreciate many of the sentiments you express.It's about time someone stepped up and defended the legitimacy of our age group in thi... 
Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?
Based in part on what I've read here, I've gone ahead and ordered a RAM 970. The "base" modded version set me back $800, and the superclock/clock power supply/cryo is pretty much another $800 when it's all said and done.It's worth noting that I ca... 
Best component cables silver or copper
I gotta tell you, I've been really impressed with the Tara Labs RSC (Rectangular Square Core) component cables. They really do a phenomenal job.Granted, they're a little pricey, but some exploration and a wanted ad on the 'GoN should produce a few... 
What song best describes you or your life?
"Trashy Women"--Confederate Railroad.Hell, I've got another one of 'em coming over Wednesday night. Just utter filth, I tell you. 
Has iTunes, etc. impacted your listening habits?
Moral victory: for the first time in eight years, I actually started a thread that people thought was worth responding to. I'm one of those guys who thinks only *other* people's threads will turn out to be popular. :-) 
iPod as a source 80 gig model, lossless
I agree completely. I have the 80 Gig model with everything burned in lossless, and I use the "line out" into my big rig with a decent $80-type cable. It doesn't sound nearly as good as my Modwright Signature Pioneer universal player (~$800), so I... 
Monitors for Sim integrated
Hey Matty...Glad to hear that. I have Merlin VSM-MMs, and I'm considering the Simaudio i7 to drive them.Rfp...supposedly, Bobby P. likes how Simaudio mates with Merlins. You should consider e-mailing him and seeing what he says, if interested in M... 
Will high price HDMI cable makes a difference?
AVS Forum has debated and studied the issue to death. What rch is referring to, I believe, is the general consensus about HDMI cables. According to the legitimate videophiles (of which I am not one), HDMI cables are sending 0's and 1's. Therefore,... 
ARCAM: is it me or is it a bit compressed?
Biamping my AVR300 was a genuine revolation in the overall sound. Can't guarantee how it will impact your system, but you should consider getting ahold of some biwired speaker wires, if you don't already have them, and giving it a shot. 
Simaudio i7 integrated with Merlim VSMs...?
Sounds good...thanks for the input. 
any audiophiles or audio enthusiasts in BUFFALO NY
I'm a native Buffalonian and may be moving back there in the next few months to work at a family business. If so, I'd definitely like to hang out and compare systems, especially since I'll need to establish some new and fresh connections in the ar...