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Time to upgrade or no
What it the best way to break in this cable do u have to run it through a amp or something with just white noise signal 
Time to upgrade or no
I went ahead and bought the morrow map 2 pci wanna give marrow a try 
Time to upgrade or no
I don’t need the best just something that’s going to work with what I have that Pangea is like a tow rope I think it’s 2 meters and really really heavy.i would like to either sell it and buy something else or move it to the 7 channel 
Time to upgrade or no
Audio. Amplifier Output Details. 140 Watt - 8 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 0.09% - 2 channels (main) 185 Watt - 4 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 0.09% - 2 channels (main) Response Bandwidth. 5 - 45000 Hz. Signal-To-Noise Ratio. 95 dB. Total Harmonic Distortion. 0.0... 
Time to upgrade or no
Looking at around $200 i have a b&k 7 channel that I use for ht that I'm going to move the ac9 on that amp.lookin for the best cable for the price and sound.The ac9 is like a tow cable and it's so heavy to plug in on a stand of any height. 
3D printing need some brackets made
Anyone have any ideas 
Grounded phono interconnects
At the risk of sounding dumb,I don't know the Rca jacks are at the base of the turn table 
3D printing need some brackets made
Is there any places that you can send them the bracket and they make them for you 
3D printing need some brackets made
BEST 90's Audio Gear that holds its own today.
Nht 2.9's 
Adding a turntable to my system
Well after 4 months with the turn table on the system I'm hooked.everything I was expecting.i bi wired my nhts and it seemed to tighten up the bass in the speakers.like I said could not be happier 
Samsung 65 inch model# un65f6300
Nope just sitting in the spare bed room waitin for a miracal 
Let's talk power cords
Holy crap!,,,,,,easy guysneed a AV power cable under150 any good buys out there 
Another question about bi wiring
If I went with a blue jean cable canare 4s11 cable bi wire cable would there be much sonic difference over my kimber 8tc 
cambridge audio cd6 repair