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B&W mid driver plug on the 800 series....
If they are like the Nautilus series one has a hole in the front for the grill, the other does not. I have a pair of custom Ebony plugs made for the nautilus series speakers. I use my grills so they sit in a box. 
How Much Surface Noise is Too Much?
"Forgot to add: the clean looking LPs with the dreaded constant surface noise (cleaning often will not fix) are trash. please destroy them if they are not a rarity."Please do not do this! You may later find that you cleaning method was not suffici... 
Need rec on $500 preamp
Check out a Musical Fidelity A3 or A3.2. If you need a DAC, the Musical Fidelity A3.24 is a great unit (I use one with my server - has a Benchmark before the 3.24).This is all in your price range. 
Small and Excellent Speakers
Some may argue with the quality of the Mac sound, but most would agree the MC402 and C2200 are nice equipment. And yes, I should be pairing them with the likes of Wilson Watt/Puppies or B&W 802Ds. But frankly, I really don¬ít want a huge set of... 
Small and Excellent Speakers
With the amp and preamp that you have and price range, the B&W N802. About the size of the Signature and the B&W sound. 
Audio Classe 5 preamp vs Musical Fidelity A3.2
Kind of vague. What is the rest of your system? Which do you like more?FWIW, I have a Musical Fidelity A308CR preamp driving a pair of Classe CAM 350 monos. Great combo. 
Technics 1200MKII or1210M5G? M5G worth it?
I went for the MKII for a simple reason. The dust cover on the MKII has hinges. I like to keep the cover on. If you like the cover off, go for the M5 (and the better wirign to boot). You can also get a kit to convert the M5 cover to hinges. 
How much power is to much power?
My speakers are 92 db efficient and I use 700 wpc monoblocks. I do not listen loud, but these speakers have a notoriously difficult load and need a lot of current. The SS amps that you are comparing may not be different or the 140 wpc may have mor... 
My speakers don't "dissapear"
Are your speakers wired out fo phase? 
Classe vs mcintosh
Polk and Mission,You guys convinced me. I just pushed my Signature 800's to the curb. Hopefully the trash men will be able to get them in the back of the garbage truck. They are heavy. That's probably what makes them so slow and tubby. 
Anyone permanently convert from tubes to SS?
"Not sure about "no tubes needed", but I would say with B&W SS is needed. Some speakers B&W, Thiel, Vandersteen seems to need what SS can do and don't thrive with tubes because of their need for high current and drive into the low frequenc... 
Anyone permanently convert from tubes to SS?
I did the tubes and Klipsch thing, then I heard B&W's and switched to SS. Musical Fidelity preamp with Bryston and Classe amps. No tubes needed. 
What's too hot? operating temp Bryston amp
I have a pair of Brystin 7B ST's that I drove B&W 801's and 800 with. They always run cool. They only get warm to the touch.Contact Bryston's technical department and get instructions on how to set the bias on the amps. If you are not running ... 
Should I go to a Benchmark DAC1 pre in my system?
How are you going to hook up your TT? The Benchmark has three digital only inputs (or at least the model that I had did). You cannot bypass the Benchmark because you need a volume control. You have a Musical Fidelity A3.2. Is that a preamp or an i... 
Music FIdelity A3.2 quick question??
What are you buying, an integrated or a preamp/power amp? If you need a CD player or a DAC, I highly recommend the CD PRE 24 if you need a CD player or DAC too.