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What one product has redefined music for you??
Klipschorns. I bought them on a whim, then changed everything to make them work. First real detail and imaging. 
Classe or Mac ??
No brainer. grab your cd player, cables and 805's and go audition the Classe gear. Local is always preferred. The CA200 should be quite an amp. 
Are the JL Fathom subs really that good....
Revel Salon2 vs. B & W 802D vs. Wilson W.P.7?
I’ll bite. I own B&W Signature 800’s and previously had N801’s. Great speakers but power hungry as can be. I have run 700 wpc and 800 wpc monoblocks (at 4 ohms) with success. You need a lot of power for B&W 802’s and up. At CES in January ... 
Looking for good quality vintage speakers
Cool looking speakers for a vintage clothing store. JBL L100's with the white woofers. Add the Maxell "Blown Away" poster between them (which had a JBL L100).http://www.engadget.com/2005/12/16/maxell-brings-back-the-blown-away-guy/ 
Klipsch RF7 upgrade / modification
DeanG on teh Klipsch forum has an upgrade that ismore than just caps. Try contactign him. 
B&W 803d, Martin Logan Spire, Klipsch P-37F?
If buying new you need to listen to the new Klipsch Palladiums. I have not heard them but they are reported to be very dynamic if that is what you are looking for. You are probably used to dynamic speakers with your RF7's. If you are considering u... 
B&W 801 Series 2 tweeter
B&W will eventually call you back. Call again. I have ordered from them many times, including tweeters. it always takes a few days but they are very helpful and professional. 
Help needed: speakers for desktop
I use ERA Design 5's on my desk. They fit nicely and I choose them over B&W 805's because the 805's are just too big. Check out the ERA's. Feed then with a good source and amp and you are all set. 
Musical Fidelity A3 .2 Preamp
I have an A308CR based main system (Classe monoblocks and B&W S800's) and a CD Pre 24 for an office system. MF gear is a great bargain. I get told to buy a better preamp and CD player until peopel hear them, then they srat looking for the same... 
Which speaker from a few years ago?
If you want to be able to listen to all of your CD's you cannot get super detailed speakers. I have B&W S800's and they sound wonderful with well recorded music, but other music can sound very thin or compressed.I also have a pair of 20 year o... 
Any B&W 802D/800D alternatives looks and sound?
Look at Eggleston Andras. If you are looking for the same looks and sound for less, check out B&W's own Nautilus 802 and 800's here on Audiogon. 
Klipsch Palladium P-39F?
"Has anybody seen the picture of the P-17B bookshelf in the P Series? The finish on it looks just like the plain finish that they have been putting on their synergy series for a decade... 4k/pr for that? When you look at the other monitors that ar... 
Klipsch Palladium P-39F?
The tweeter comment is a disappointment. Did they use an bright amp like a Krell? I would guess tubes or a laid back amp like Mac or Classe is needed. Undertow - it looked like you were classifying B&W's 800's as "midgrade" Anyway, no problem. 
Klipsch Palladium P-39F?
I always recommend Klipsch to people who are new to audio and want a good deal. Their reference and heritage are great bargains if the source is up to the task. Harshness is an issue with the wrong source, but will be with any revealing speaker. T...