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Isolated ground for dedicated line
I am unsure of what outlets you recieved but the PS Audio power plant a/c line generators (very highly regarded) use some sort of orange outlet and they (PS audio) claim it is the best outlet. I use Levitron out lets which some like more then hubb... 
Speaker Fetish
I prefer sealed or electrostats/planer speakers, both would be a neat trick in refrence to your coment but I do appreciate your concern, I have blow up dolls for that, duh! 
Speaker wire is it science or psychology
Allow me to tell you a short story, my non-audiophile friend listens to my stereo all of the time and I do not tell him about upgrades because it is like talking to a roof shingle. Well I upgraded to silver cables and I of course did not tell him,... 
Speaker Fetish
Maybe we should have group therapy, with a 12 step program. 
Speaker Fetish
Ahhhh I am not alone 
Any feedback on BAT VK200
Ask Pcc he has one and I am sure he would be willing to share his experience with you. 
Any Famous people on Audiogon ?
Heh brad funny seeing you here we just finished that great movie together and you never told me you were into audio, we should get together after the grammys and talk audio. Julia 
Test CD s, which ones to get.
My two favorites are: Engineer's Choice II by Delos # DE 3512 it has excerpts of John Eargle's favorite recordings. The other one is "My Disc" The Sheffield/A2TB Test Disc, Sheffield Labs # 10045-2-T it contains various techincal tracks in additio... 
Multi channel much better than stereo?
At this point I feel it is apperant that nothing anyone says will be taken to heart by 'urban', IMO. And feel continuing this thread would be a waste of everyones time, IMO. So I encourage no one else humor this clown, IMO. 
Stereo sounds better than 5.1?
Pardon me but I NEVER claimed to favor an adcom pre-amp you might want to get your facts straight before you start spreading rumors. I agree that a "good" multi channel set up is nice, I have seen and heard of abbey road studios I do not live in a... 
speaker cable for dna1 and avalon arcus
Actually avalon recomends NBS Monitor III cables they are a little expensive though that is why I made the suggestion that I did. NBS Monitor III retails for around $2,400/8ft pr. not exactly cheap! 
Stereo sounds better than 5.1?
Hello urban I am not sure what you are trying to say but everybody has there own opinion and you are not the supreme authority. I am sure you feel that your multi-channel set up sounds better based on your multi-threads started about this subject,... 
Multi channel much better than stereo?
Maybe what you say is right maybe it's not but just due to economics stereo makes sense to most of us. That is to say a $50,000 stereo will in most cases sound better then a $50,000 multi channel set up, there is just a lot less equipment needed, ... 
Innertube Cone Tweak
Sorry, I just saw inner tubes and it caught my eye. 
Best and Worst customer service?
I have never dealt with a manufacture that has given me anything but exceptional service. On the other hand the loco I mean the local stereo shop offers NO service. I was in the same situation as TheDuke was in, I wanted to buy a pair of the most ...