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Madonna s Music.
I am not fighting for Madonna or against her but as far as pop music goes she is one of the best, there is really no one for her to compete with, IMO. 
Top three most over underrated eqpmt??
I never realized there were so many people who disliked wilson. I knew LOTS of people disliked Krell, though I have never heard there equipment in my system I am affraid to try it because most people just plain hate it. Most obscure companies make... 
best all around monitor
I have once heard the Avalon Monitor's (now discontinued) they were breath taking for a small speaker. Also worth mentioning are the B&W 800 series monitors I listened to them for several hours and I can't say fell in love with them but at lea... 
Solid state power amps.; on or off?
I never tried leaving an amp on all of the time until I read this thread and have started to leave it on now, I am a believer! After just a few days I have noticed a HUGE diference in sound in the most crutial moments, the first few minutes of lis... 
A twist on "Your absolute best..."
Here I have an unusual favorite component with a twist, my amp rack. I have described it before but it is very similiar to a salamanderdesign architype, with the exception of the shelving material T-6061 1/4" thick aluminum. It weighs about 250lbs... 
amp for sub
I have a very similiar set up except I use three 12" woofers in one enclosure. I use an Adcom GFA-565 with some mods done to it. From the factory it is rated at 300@8ohms and 600@4ohms I have no clue what it actually produces but it is loud as I c... 
absolute best component you ever owned
Hey Tireguy gullible is writen on the ceiling, "where?" 
absolute best component you ever owned
Hi Massvm I would rather use an ah-soo to remove my corks, this way I do not pierce the cork. An ah-soo is the tool with two prongs that slides between the bottle and the cork and then you wiggle it and pull and then the cork comes out, but there ... 
absolute best component you ever owned
WOW! what a great response so far keep'em coming :)Tim 
absolute best component you ever owned
I'll start my current speaker's though not the best, the best I have ever owned Avalon Acoustic Eclipse. 
Any good suggestions for phono cable?
Try to get a hold of David99 he was once called a "rabid vinyl junkie" I am sure he has some suggestions. 
Murphy s Laws for Audiophiles
You reach the infamous audio nirvana and then after a few moments of listening you will loose power, and then when the power returns your system sounds like it belongs in radio shack. 
Long interconnects or speaker cables?
I am just curious but has any one tried to get the amp's close enough to the speakers to try a gold/silver bus bar? I can not due it with my set up but would be interested in the performance even if it turns out to be bad. 
Murphy s Laws for Audiophiles
You buy company X's $10,000 speakers and your audiophile buddy then buy's company X's $25,000, some times you can't win. 
Dealer Bias: Do They Really Add Value?
My main complaint about the local dealer's is they are salesmen and not audiophiles. They have NO clue what sounds better or how to make it sound better but they do know what makes them more money, that is why I was told that some $1600/pair B&...