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Best Travelin Music
Anthing loud and fast that includes the music not just the car, heheheheh. 
Guilty Pleasures
Damn that was a typo it's suppose to be Larry Treadwell not Karry treadwell. Sorry. 
Guilty Pleasures
That is wierd cornfed. did you know that "Alien's ate my Buick" has been out of print for several years. Some times you can find it as an import, or it is ALWAYS at used CD stores for around $3. The cheapest audiophile like CD I have ever purchase... 
Guilty Pleasures
What a great thread, we can imberass our selves but we do not know each other(for the most part). That being said I enjoy listening to Thomas Dolby a lot! and even on a bad day I like Bon Jovi but the condition's have to be right for the latter of... 
Cigarette Smoke Harm Solid State Unit ?
Let me tell you a short story. I have an Uncle who is slightly crazy(been in and out of an institution several times) and he got the great idea of heating his house with candles. We both live in the north east US it tends to get cold here in winte... 
Dual Mono?
Garfish is correct except for the idea of one power cord, some (not most, but some) use two power cords to completely sperated the two discrete amplifiers. So in this case the only tihng the TWO amps share is a chasis. I believe one manufacure act... 
Good percussion recordings
Give a listen to Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble's CD titled Lift off, DMP catalogue # is CD-498. A few words can sum up this disk: dynamic, powerful, delicate and intoxicating, one of the greatest percussion recordings I have ever heard. 
Greatest Guitar Band
They are not the typical guitar band, but my favorite guitar band is the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. In particular playing Peter Warlock's Capriol Suite on the Delose label. Stop laughing if you have never heard them before, give it a try and I am... 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Lot's of beautiful women singer's listed here but if I had to choose 1 I would go with Diana Krall. 
Best speaker a wife would tolerate
Not to be a pain but, I try to do it the other way. I find the speakers that I like and then find a wife that will tolerate, did I mention I am still single heheheh! 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
A lot of good coments made here, one of my wealthy friends sold his good stereo(consisting of Martin Logan, Nordost and Audio Research) and bought some 'cheap' stuff(paradigm, sherwood and Radio shack cables). Image is everything to him and all of... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Avalon Osiris, no question; to bad they were not mine!!!! 
Amplifier Stand
If you like salamanderdesigns, but want something with a little flash try this. I made a custom salamander stand out of T6061 sheet aluminum, black threaded rod, black jam nuts and black washers. It looks amazing and everyone who has ever seen it ... 
Who R U?
Well answering David99's post I consider myself a 'newcomer' and feel obligated to let everyone know what's going on with my system. The best component in my system is my speakers, Avalon Eclipse. I have a Rotel RB-990BX amp powering them now, but... 
Cheap system for garage
I can highly recommend the Sony CMT-EX1 desktop CD system. It is a shelf system not a "boombox", it is slightly over budget(around $299). You will be surprised of the sound this little thing can produce, it has a tempered glass front plate that yo...