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Another vote for Mario at Toys from the Attic - he's very knowledgable and a great guy to deal with. Tell him Tireguy said hi ;) 
tube watts vs solid state watts
There is no answer to your question, instead of worrying about specs. try and find an amplifier that will mate to you speakers well, synergize with your preamp/source and most importantly suits your listening preferences. The tube vs. ss watts deb... 
Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas - Its nice see to so many old friends and for the opportunity to meet other's who share our lunacy. As always enjoy the music everyone! 
What happened to Dekay???
I was just on sabbatical... Maybe 2006 will be the return of Tireguy, someone's got to keep you old bastards in check now that Slappy's slacking :o) Perhaps Cornefedchico will make a come back tour next year as well, I know he has been waiting for... 
What happened to Dekay???
I talk to Angela every few months, she is doing well. Busy as can be and happier then she's been in years, if ever! It hasn't been easy for her or her new bf, they have been through one hell of a ride over the last few years and remain very optomi... 
Bob Crump passes away over holiday.
RIP Bob, Bob helped me a lot when I was a young budding audiophile, I could never thank him enough for the time he spent helping me. He was always honest and humorous - a great man and a true audiophileBob you will be missed, but never forgotten.Tim 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
RIP Pat, we've never met, talked or exchanged emails, but you have changed my life. Best wishes to Pat's family during this very difficult time.Tim 
tube amplifier auto bias- accurate?
I have had two tube amps with auto bias, I have no reason to believe it didn't work- the sound was always fantastic. 
Use SCD-1 with EMM DCC2?
If interested I have the boards inside a dead phillips SACD1000- if you have any interest let me know. 
Who's got the best user name?
Nrchy- It was 15 minutes of fame in the 80's with the population growing at the rate it has, its down to about 90 seconds of fame(maybe less by now). 
solid state gear- leave on?
A Wavac burned my old house down, why do you think there amps cost so much now??Just kidding :o) 
Comparing sound of Tenor 150 HPs vs. Lamm M1.2
Congratulations! You did your homework, now its time to enjoy the results. keep us posted as to what you think as you continue to listen. 
CD player with variable output
Do a search, this question gets asked often and there is a lot of information in the archives. 
Anyone else feel left out?
The simple solution to this is to sell a kidney :o) I have not gone that far yet, but I do have a local audiophile friend seriously considering it. 
Comparing Wadia vs. Meitner
Justin in the Meitner's defense, you were using the modified phillips, which is a crutch instead of an aid. The CDSD takes it to a yet another level- everyone who has had the phillips and goes to the CDSD says the same thing.