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Will Wadio ever make an SACD player?
People have been saying SACD is dying for years and yet it just continues to grow- when its not around and there are no scheduled release dates, its dead. As it stands now there are over 2700 titles available with plenty scheduled to come out soon... 
New Von Schweikert Models
Efficacy- I also own the DB99mkII's and have used a few solid state amps on them so far. They work great, but you don't need to use an amp with that kind of power, from my experience the less power=more musical, this is not a concrete rule, but se... 
Life expectancy of Interconnects & Speaker Cable?
I figure mine are going to go bad at/or about 7:13am on May 17, 2097. Though I don't think I'll be around then, and if I am I'll probably be incapable of discerning there breakdown as it happens right before me. 
How much does your system retail for?
I am in the $50k club now- where's my membership card? :o) On a serious note, it seems that I am doing about $10k/year in upgrades- and I am fairly young, so by the time I am 40 I will be at or around the $220k range. Bare in mind that's in today'... 
Who makes Beautiful / Attractive Speaker Cables?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
lower priced power cords for emm labs CDSD/DCC2 ?
Both units come with a fairly high quality Kimber power kord, I don't think there would be any shame in just using them. I have not tried them on the emm labs gear but for a resonibly priced power cord the silent source have always proved a good p... 
DarTZeel NHB-108 Is this the best amp ever?
Bare in mind folks that Mes comparisons were done listening solely to Right Said Freds timeless classic "I'm too sexy". Which is a true reference recording :^) 
New Von Schweikert Models
I agree, I heard the VR9 room is going to be quite impressive, five VR9's! Emm labs CDS/DAC6e/Switchman, DarTZeel amps all with Jena labs wiring. And the VR4's consistantly impress folks who listen to them, every generation is one step closer to A... 
Xindak cables: how good are they?
Baranyi- I have listened to the FS1 and FS2 
Xindak cables: how good are they?
I have heard/used there cables and was left wondering what all the talk was about. OK but not a "killer value" or anything out of the ordinary- some of there cables get pretty expensive so there are lots of choices in that range. Also grey market ... 
EMM LABS sacd vs cd
Bill- Play your cards right and you might just get that lucky ;) WHAT are you doing posting, go enjoy France!I agree with Cincy_bob when listening to "good" SACD there is no comparison, however, there are some black sheep in the herd. Some people ... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
I should update- last April I picked up a new Acura TSX w/ a 6spd.My new lust is the new Ford GT- the working class super car as it is called. It feels weird saying I want a Ford, but this car is amazing! 
DarTZeel NHB-108 Is this the best amp ever?
Faceless!?!?! where's the love :^) 
DarTZeel NHB-108 Is this the best amp ever?
I've never even seen a DarTZeel amp, but I think this thread may become interesting so I want it on "my threads".On something related to the topic at hand, I don't mind the color. 
best threads out there?
Well in that case............