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14/4 wire for speakers- good idea? Bad idea?
It's not a bad idea.. What you'll find with cables is that the materials and geometry can make a big difference. So, there's a good possibility you'll hear differences using different cables. Whether or not it's an improvement depends on all the o... 
Room set up
Never you mind, you've already answered my question.  
Room set up
@erik_squires that miniDSP Dirac live precessor seems incredible.. but man, $800. Oof. Have you had a chance to check any of their stuff out?  
Room set up
You will probably need some type of bass absorber to tame the boom.. Check out DIY limp membrane absorbersOr GIK Acoustics has tuned membrane bass absorbers..I've just about finished my room acoustic treatments, boomy bass is gone, slap echo is go... 
Cartridges: Complete Scam?
OP - your aggressive and absolute manner will not get you far on here. People have answered you: there is no definite answer. Much depends on compatibility of components, cables and room, not to mention tastes, expectations, budget...That’s your a... 
Michael Fremer's system
+1 shadorne. He's the one with the barn listening building, yes? So amazing... 
Why does my system now have shrill top end.
Absolutely, I completely agree. I posted before I had completed my thought.. Cables certainly are possible, but the evidence presented points to the electrical system as a distinct possibility as well. It would at least be worth shutting off the b... 
Why does my system now have shrill top end.
The cables seem highly unlikely, based on the info provided for a multitude of reasons. It is sudden, it's on both channels and proacman didn't mention messing with cables at all. 
Jeez, so much whining.  
How to polish Wilson Audio speaker
I use muriatic acid and sandpaper. I kid. Enjoy your new speakers! 
Don't you love it and hate it when an upgrade actually gives you a marked improvement?
Heck yeah. I was just looking at isolation transformers yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how to set one up in a case with outlets. Fun new project! 
Audio cables ,and power cords the most forgotton- part of an Audio system.
I was a sceptic too, but DIY experimentation let me hear what I was missing.. no need to drop lots of money to hear a difference if you're curious.@audioman58 I love your spirit! Your punctuation and spacing though.. not so much! Are you typing we... 
What is your favorite budget audio component?
@mesch I just got rid of mine when I sold my Yamaha disc changer on eBay...That was definitely a good DAC!My bargain - my class D monoblocks. ICEpower 500asp modules, quality connectors, nice case.. $600 for the pair. 
Cartridges: Complete Scam?
The variety of definitions being applied to the word 'scam' amaze me. Upselling a product to someone who doesn't need it is not a scam.Expensive products that people willingly buy and work as described are not scams.Putting a high end component in... 
Why does my system now have shrill top end.
+1 @grannyring Al and (most of the time) shadorne do a good job of disagreeing without attacking. Criticize the idea, not the person..