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Why does my system now have shrill top end.
I second what @jea48 said: check, or have your electrician check, the connections in the panel. Not just on the circuit feeding your system, but every connection: hot, neutral and ground for every breaker. You may even consider reseating all the b... 
Cartridges: Complete Scam?
Yeah, you pretty much set your threads up to get no real discussion. Your threads are basically polemics disguised as questions, with the seeming intent to prove to us how smart you are.It's having the opposite effect 
Power Cords
Man, I kew better than to ask bo a question, but he'd been so reasonable here lately.  
Best way to decrease the internal volume of a sealed speaker?
Good to hear! (See what I did there?)Synthetic wood was probably a good idea.. denser and not affected by humidity. Well done 
Power Cords
@bo1972  Out of curiosity, what exactly is the cable architecture that makes the audioquest cables so good, in your view? This is no trick question, I'm very curious and very much into cable DIY and am sincere in my questions. 
Focal Sopra 2 vs Sopra 3?
Well put, @contuzzi. Equalization will not correct room modes and overly long bass decay.. 
Room acoustics
Sorry, @shadorne 
Room acoustics
Sweet Lord, that post will take a while to decipher. Thanks!I just wanted to post back that my first limp membrane absorber is a smashing success. It's very deep (14") but only 10" wide and 16" tall. It's like a good size monitor speaker cabinet. ... 
Best way to decrease the internal volume of a sealed speaker?
By the way, those cabinets look quality. Let us know how it all turns out 
Best way to decrease the internal volume of a sealed speaker?
Sorry for the late reply.. the expandable foam will dry with a smooth surface, unless you mess with it. It will be flexible, though, so take Erik's advice into account. I'm not sure how flexible materials would effectively increase the internal vo... 
Different speakers will have different room interactions because of different frequency responses and dispersion patterns. Bass is the hardest to control and tame, so, if you have a small room, for instance, speakers that don’t produce massive bas... 
Best way to decrease the internal volume of a sealed speaker?
The foam will work, but it expands a lot. If you go that route, use the window and door foam. It is minimally expanding. But it does make a mess! Clean any up that gets on the outside of the cabinet immediately. You’ll need paint thinner for that.... 
Let's talk power cords
@geoffkait  that's not what they mean by peer and you know it. 
Vibration isolation
I've not tried the roller bearings yet, but have had great luck using compression springs I buy from Grainger. They usually list the load of the spring, so the math is simple: weight of component/number of springs you want to use = spring load.The... 
Anyone With A Class 'D' Amp Play A 4 or 2 Ohm Speaker?
I’m happily using ICEpower based monoblocks on a pair of 4 ohm rated floorstanders with 12" woofers. I drive these hard, without a hiccup from my amps. However, they are a traditional design, not electrostats.I’d listen to Erik, he tends to know o...