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YG versus MBL versus Borrensen versus Vandersteen
Enjoy the Treo a very musical speaker. Consider joining the Vandersteen owners forum. A fantastic upgrade for your Treo is the matching sub 3 and high pass filters… it’s way more than better and deeper bass as it yields even better midrange.    
Herron VTPH2 new in system
I have a 2A and have run it 8 ways to Sunday including  passive into essentially a Modjeski “ pot in a box “ I find that even tho the Herron has a LOT of drive, it benefits from an active linestage ( like most but not all systems do ). I’m getting... 
Audio Racks, Just How beneficial? looking for guidance in upgrading
Arnold at Core Audio Designs in Novato is a true artisan and his racks include innovative isolation and custom woods at IMO very reasonable $. HRS for all out assault w metal finishes and more $$$$ I am a very happy customer of both.  
Stolen property
IF they offer to play “ Steal this Record “ to demo them…….  
Audioquest Pegasus XLR Interconnects
;-) Enjoy  
Improving a stone rack
@o_holter There is a pretty good reason Jim White uses HRS… lose your feet and try 3-4 short HRS Nimbus couplers under your Aesthetix….. i’m up to about 20 of them across 2 systems…. For those who dislike Granite, try two 1” or so slabs w green g... 
How would you spend my next $5K?
An extra Tall  
Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper vs. Cardas Clear interconnects
Always liked A Zen but Silver……. Very excellent to post your list of references….. IF you like copper please consider Audioquest Pegasus…. just my opinion….  
Audioquest Pegasus XLR Interconnects
iMO and frankly experience, above Pegasus… i would advise a demo loan ….. i’ve had all 4 for two weeks…. just my $1.05….  
Loud vs. Tactile Bass
as you might guess, i think drivers above 12” suck…. cue  the efficiency / distortion crowd who don’t play bass…. ;-)  
Loud vs. Tactile Bass
If you have an RTA play a nice double bass solo….. 80 hz….. is just the beginning of UP……..  
Loud vs. Tactile Bass
Define your references….electric bass or standup heart n soul - the HARMONIC s…. are North of 100 hz and NOT below the mid 40’s….   
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Whatever floats your boat  🎵…… nice Vette ;-) You can get a Vandersteen Quattro in any paint color under the Sun for less than $20 K…. I dream about Mexico Blue…whilst the prancing horse is in…. the shop ( again )….    
How would you spend my next $5K?
@grislybutter lives in my hood, i’ll get him that beer… Your Atom has prat……  I would spend $20 on a copy of Jim Smith book - Get better sound = move gear to side asap….. THEN revaluation of weak link….. Have fun…..  
Solid State Phono Stages
@lewm just this very moment i am working on a quad paired photon vinyil replay system… for stereo…. I’m at an impasse getting the ears to see the light… I believe Jeff Lynne was on to this…late 1971