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Bi-amp Integration
Tim - I bi-amped my Proac 2.5s with a 25wt OTL on the woofers and a 3.5wt 2A3 SET on the tweeters. I have no idea why it worked but the sound was great. Remember, those woofers require a lot more current and drive than the tweeters. Alas, I finall... 
Art Audio Amps
Thanks, Findoc. Heard anything about problems with the particular power tube Art Audio uses? Also, I heard KR Enter. either shut down for a while or has split into two different companies. I know their 2A3 tube is no longer available. 
Audire Audio Forte???
My first "high end" separate amplifier was a Cresendo from 1982. Compared to the Conrad-Johnson MV45 tube amp I replaced it with, it's reliable as hell (I still have it and use it for part time D.J. work!)but very solid state sounding. A good rock... 
Jumping into SE tube amps. Suggestions?
I've owned 572s and have borrowed (for 4-5 day at home listening sessions) two different 300b amps. I've also done extended, hours at a time, listening sessions with 811s at a high end store. And I've owned Cary 2A3s for the last 15 months. With t... 
Jazz Drum
Why is this question titled "Jazz Drum"? I'm not sure what's being asked. 
Cary tubes?
Try a passive remote volume control like the Creek OBH12 for $350.00. It's great, I've been using one for three years. It has also worked fine running right from my C.D. player into any of the three Cary SETs I've owned. 
Freak Me Out
Try "May Blitz" from Amazon (before they go out of business). Get the import with both their only two albums on one CD. 
need advice on best CD versions of these
R.W. - I have both the MoFi and Sony Legacy versions of Abraxas and the Legacy is the best sounding. I have the DCC and Sony Legacy versions of Kind Of Blue and the Legacy is again the best sounding. 
Is My Room Large Enough?
Sorry, Doug, but I'm the laziest auto guy you'll ever meet. I like a "plug and play" sports car and the Type-R (which is out of production) is exactly that. I've always loved the idea that Alpha represents and in the late 1980s almost bought a Spy... 
Is My Room Large Enough?
Hey, my room is almost the exact same size! I have, for 6-7 years, been using a 10.5 x 13 bedroom with plaster walls and ceilings, hardwood floors with thick carpet on a solid wood framed subfloor. I also have an 8 ft cove ceiling which may help. ... 
Another reality check. I was in Dearborn Music (a lagr independent two branch record store that has been in owned by the same family for almost 40 years. They have, for anumber of years, specialized in remastered CDs; jazz, classical, and, over th... 
New Speakers
The Vandy 5s are musical (i heard them recently), I've never heard a pair or Thiels that were. It's all about musicality, do the speakers make music or do they make "accurate sound"? Personally, I'd go for the music; go for the Proacs or Vandys 
Simon - Excellent point! However, since there is absolutely no demand for SACD or DVD-A amoung 99% of humanity, I don't think either is going to go any farther than an audiophile item. I've heard one Mp3 disc and the sound quality was awful. These... 
Kitty - Sorry about not responding sooner. I don't think Listener has website. 
Just this past Saturday (1-13) I was in Harmony House Records, a 15 store chain here in S.E. Michigan, and came across a DVD-A copy of The Doors' "LA Woman". I asked the manager if they had more DVD-As and she said a couple but wasn't sure where t...