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Request for advice on best method to sell my 'vintage' equipment
It may seem obvious, but have you considered selling it all on this website. It's what people do here. 
A Word About SkyFi audio Customer Service
Who wouldn't want a reel-to-reel, or a Garrard or Thorens turntable? The point is that if you plan to buy from SkyFi, be prepared to pay probably twice as much as you would pay for the same product elsewhere.  
Auditioning headphones (ethically)?
northman,If you look at my comment above, you’ll see that I prefer the Stax headphones over the Audeze. Obviously, that’s a personal choice but it’s due to two things; the heavier weight of the Audeze phones, and the transparent sound that electro... 
Auditioning headphones (ethically)?
During my search for the perfect headphone (which never ends), I attended a few high end hifi shows. I recall going to RMAF and shows in California where they had whole ballrooms devoted to headphones. I was able to audition a lot of high quality,... 
The first system you had that was "high end/audiophile", by you standards
In the early 1970’s, my system was:Crown DC 300 ampCrown IC 150 preampEmpire turntableShure V-15 cartridgeJBL Olympus speakersPioneer headphonesThe system sounded very good at the time. 
What are your top 5 Billboard top 10 songs of the 1970"s?
Without regard to Billboard, my five favorite 70’s albums would be:Cat Stevens- Tea For The TillermanJoni Mitchell- Court And SparkCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young- Deja VuBob Dylan- Blood On The TracksJethro Tull- Thick As A BrickI grew up with t... 
What are your top 5 Billboard top 10 songs of the 1970"s?
No disrespect intended to previous posters but when the Beatles channel puts on "Hey Jude", I change the channel. That one and "Yesterday" were so overplayed on hit radio in the 70's (and beyond), I just can't listen. 
Tried and true recommendations: headphones, amp, source
My headphone recommendation is for Stax electrostatics. I have used them for many years and appreciate their clear, fast sound. As far as the price, there are many combinations of phones and amps to choose from. As an example, today on Audiogon I ... 
Nakamichi Dragon
Tape decks, like cars, can break down over time. Luckily, there are a few true experts around the country. Willy Hermann's garage and workshop are graveyards for Nakamichi decks. He repairs many, but some are simply there for parts. I know there a... 
John Hiatt and The Jerry Douglas Band hit the road!
Has anyone heard the new album? Comments? 
BEWARE OF FRAUD with this member
Thanks for naming the culprit. So often, members here are reluctant to name the scammer. I have never been scammed here or or on any other site. I prefer to deal locally, cash only, but if I buy here on Audiogon or other sites, I always check the ... 
How to remove scotch tape brown residue from album covers
All album covers are probably not the same, but I've been successful using "Goo Gone" (available everywhere). Just don't let it sit on the paper too long! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Leonard Cohen "Live in London" (3-Record set) 
John Hiatt and The Jerry Douglas Band hit the road!
I checked the website for tickets. While they’ll be on the west coast (CA, OR, WA), ) they won’t be coming to Arizona. Oh well, if center orchestra tickets run $499, I’ll get over it. I’ll buy the LP at Barnes & Noble. 
How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?
I'm impressed (or shocked) at the large quantities of records that many members have accumulated. I only have about 250, even if you count the double disc albums. I only add if I see something interesting. I was in an antique store recently and fo...