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System building; a meditation
This is how I try to begin.@holmz Starting off with speaker that are easy to drive, and have a flattish impedance, still seems like an easier starting place. For most people budget is the biggest constraint.  The more esoteric gear and having a ho... 
Is bass the most important frequency band?
No. mids are most important.  That is all the vocals and need to be natural and clear.  
Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?
Bought new in 1988 Cerwin Vega D3.  They lasted forever and sounded good from day 1.  Not the best speakers in the world but a huge value for the money.Also, Foobar2000 audio player.  Free.  Hugely customizable.  And when coupled with the $3 Fooba... 
HiRes lossless FLAC Radio streams
Another vote here for Radio Paradise.  Though where I am the internet is not good enough for Hi Res levels 
Critical listening and altered states
I used to occasionally love listening to music live or at home after taking LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, or smoking a bit of weed.  Works really well with immersive music.  
Whats playing on your system today?
The Grateful Dead - Road Trips: Vol. 2 No. 3Beautiful stella Blue, excellent Eyes of the World, and a nice Weather Report Suite. 
Whats playing on your system today?
David Grisman - Hot DawgFine album.  Such superb skills on display. 
So where should the tubes be?
Not in any sound system that I own.  Completely unnecessary and undesirable for good clean sound.