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SVS sub owners, Past and Present
https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/svs-sub-owners-past-and-present/post?postid=2390627   I am on the same page.  I am very happy with the SB-2000.  
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
Second hand Revel F36 or F35 floor standing speakers. Possibly something from Focal.  
Choosing a network player/streamer
Hard to go wrong with the Yamaha MusicCast system. I love how easy it is to use on the WXA-50 which is running the bedroom system.  
Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k
How about the BMR Monitors from Salk?  
Favorite religious song
https://forum.audiogon.com/posts/2375849   JGB did a few spiritual feeling tunes! Love it.  
Favorite religious song
Dear God by XTC  
Cassette decks. How good can it get?
I loved my old BX-300.  I think it is worth fixing if the price is not crazy.  
Speakers: Anything really new under the sun?
Like almost every other industry, , there has been a revolution in computer aided design, modeling, measurement, and analysis. Some companies like the Harman group with Revel and JBL have really embraced this and been very successful in improving ... 
I miss my Loudness Button and Tone Controls....
I loved the variable loudness control on my old Yamaha integrated amplifier.  I wish all amps and receivers came with such a thing.  
What is your favorite cover?
Gentle On My Mind - Glenn Campbell  
Feel free to talk me off the ledge
https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/feel-free-to-talk-me-off-the-ledge/post?postid=2346311 This sounds like a great idea  
Vote Your Ranking -If you have an opinion on this digital subject
Assuming the same master/mix 1, 3, and, 4 should sound identical and the best. 2 potentially the worst but it could also sound the same. They should all sound better than vinyl.    
Bluesound Node 2021 DAC - I sold my Denafrips Ares II
Like finding free money for the new subwoofer!  Well done.  
A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!
Government Mule -  Dose Run The Jewels - RTJ4  
How many systems do you have?
Living room home theater. Bedroom 2 channel. Headphone system at the office. Custom in ear monitor system for mobile/travel.