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I miss my Loudness Button and Tone Controls....
I loved the variable loudness control on my old Yamaha integrated amplifier.  I wish all amps and receivers came with such a thing.  
What is your favorite cover?
Gentle On My Mind - Glenn Campbell  
Feel free to talk me off the ledge
https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/feel-free-to-talk-me-off-the-ledge/post?postid=2346311 This sounds like a great idea  
Vote Your Ranking -If you have an opinion on this digital subject
Assuming the same master/mix 1, 3, and, 4 should sound identical and the best. 2 potentially the worst but it could also sound the same. They should all sound better than vinyl.    
Bluesound Node 2021 DAC - I sold my Denafrips Ares II
Like finding free money for the new subwoofer!  Well done.  
A** Kicking, Rock and Roll!
Government Mule -  Dose Run The Jewels - RTJ4  
How many systems do you have?
Living room home theater. Bedroom 2 channel. Headphone system at the office. Custom in ear monitor system for mobile/travel.   
Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice
Wharfedale Linton or Denton or something from Totem Acoustic  
Speakers for daughter
Seems you are spending too much on a turntable and not enough on the speakers. I would look at Focal Chora or Monitor Audio Bronze or Silver (if you can get a deal).  
Whats playing on your system today?
Streaming the Widespread Panic concert that they are putting on at a resort in Mexico  
AKM makes the best DACs
Recently switch from an older DAC using ESS 9018 chip to a more recent one using AKM 4493.  I am happy with the result though the change is not huge, it does seem more pleasant.  
How much “suspension of disbelief do you need?”
Some recordings do a better job than others. For me one of the nearest to being there is the Little Feat live album Waiting For Columbus.  It does a pretty impressive job of capturing the space and energy of a live performance.  
Seeking advice for speakers for my Family Room
If you are in the USA look at Revel F36 which have or have recently had some excellent sale prices.  Also consider the Focal Chora floorstanders.  The previous recommendations for Monitor Audio are also good.   Regarding your current subwoofer, ... 
Please recommend speakers
I would also recommend the Revel and Monitor Audio Silver mentioned above and would add Focal Chora new or Focal Aria second hand.  
Need new headphone setup.
Can they be open headphones which leak sound or do they need to be fully closed? If you can use an open set then consider the HiFiman Ananda with the Topping DX3 Pro+ amp/DAC/Bluetooth combo. For a closed headphone, there are not a lot of great ...