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Omega speakers -- mostly sold out, all the time?
@hilde45 Everything is built to order basically. He has almost a cult following, and for good reason.   Omega speakers should be on every audiophile's "got to hear" bucket list.  Quality SS gear works just fine too. I strongly favor his alnico d... 
Feel like I'm outta my mind....
@the_general With all due respect sir, I had a Carver Cube driving DCM Time Windows back in the day and as someone else mentioned, just about any decent modern amp will run circles around it. For instance a baby sized Parasound Zamp V3 might tickl... 
Starting from scratch and say $5000
I'd snag a slightly used Mcintosh MA5300 integrated. Manageable size and weight, one box solution minus the streamer. 100 non autoformer w/channel , very nice dac built in, low power, low it 24/7. For me Mcintosh makes you just enjoy th... 
If I wanted to make my own speaker cables, is this a good choice for wire?
@tubeguy76  Louis loaned me a pair of 3HO XRS’s so I know exactly how these speakers sound. Those Omega’s are electrostatic fast, hyper detailed and downright spooky how great they sound with good recordings. But they’re unforgiving on lesser sou... 
Volti Experience !
What a great story, congrats on the speakers and new friends.  
Setting up home office
If detail is your thing, your 70watt mono's may be a great match with ATC SCM11 bookshelfs. Silk dome tweeter and sealed cabinet, some of the best drivers in the business. You'd need a sub to bring out the best in any bookshelf arrangement.  Can ... 
Let's see your office systems
@dcpillai Very nice office, I've got a Sboosted Qutest, I'd be curious how the Holo stacks up to them. Looks like the new Gustard might need a look too?  Happy Monday   
Let's see your office systems
I have a Saga pre (with a unicorn Raytheon backplate) and saw the STA when they were at about $450. Still think it'd be a killer combo. Darn shame about JOB, a lot to love about that Goldmund off-shoot. I was looking hard at their integrated when... 
Let's see your office systems
@jl35 I was very intrigued by the JOB amps and later the STA200. Almost bought one, is it a keeper?  
Let's see your office systems
Just doing a test here to put a link into my virtual system.    
Let's see your office systems
@carlsbad I thought that was a Decware as soon as your picture came up. They're on my bucket list. Nice looking offices, and systems gentlemen. I'm thinking of getting a remote SVS sub next. Probably that newer 10"(?) model.  Office furniture sur... 
Casual listening
Stereo is on 24/7, internet radio during the day while I work, playlists while I cook, eat and enjoy the evening. And finally watching tv through it, I enjoy the heck out of all of it.  Tim  
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
And then there's the guest that grabs the remote and turns the volume up to the point of doing damage to the speakers.   
Streaming – Discovering Similar or New Music
@deadhead1000 Thanks for the link, interesting website.  I am all about building killer playlists. One of my discovery techniques is listening to internet radio, Spotify Discover Weekly and other people's playlists and taking a quick screenshot o... 
SPDIF Coax cable recommendation?
Just got a DH Labs D-750 last week. Nice cable for the money.