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I saw an ad for Morrow Audio cables
I'm amazed that Morrow Audio remains competitive with no mention of OFC or OCC in their products. Oh well, at least they've done away with the silver-plating on copper. 
1st time AG'er. Cables ? ?
Best advice is that given by elizabeth.  Get everything dialed in, then fine-tune with cables. 
Speakers positionning
newbee,I have tried extreme toe-in and it had an adverse effect on stereo imaging. Thought I was listening to mono. 
Speakers positionning
In my listening room, treatment for side-wall reflections is not an option so toe-in is necessary to achieve a solid, focused presentation. Doing so results in a slightly "brighter" sound, which I balance by placing the speakers closer to the fron... 
What is this speaker doing right?
The LS50 FR spec of 79-28kHz +/-3dB is somewhat misleading because it's done under anechoic conditions with no port output. With port output included, Stereophile  measurements show a flat bass response down to 50Hz. The Sound & Vision review ... 
Speaker Placement - When it's perfect!
Over the years, I've found that the Odd Dimensions rule (1/3, 1/5, etc.) for speaker placement seems to work well in most situations. For my listening room, the speakers were placed 1/3 of the room width from the side walls.  The front of the spea... 
Speaker Placement - When it's perfect!
Dialing everything in right is time-consuming but worth the effort.  Worked the better part of one year with speaker placement and room treatment.  The final phase was fine-tuning with speaker cable and interconnect combos.  When I started listeni... 
KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?
I've had a pair of Kef LS50s for almost two years and they continue to amaze me.  My listening room is quite small (11' x 12') and I'm convinced that the coincident/coaxial driver design offers a coherent sound that multi-driver speakers can not m... 
New amp for Vandersteen 2CE
I don't think an amplifier change will give you what you're looking for. If you decide to go that route, try before you buy. 
pads for speakers on stands?
Another Blu-Tak user here. 
Harbeth 40.1 or 40.2 speaker optimization
You might want to try moving the speakers further from the side walls. Less boundary reinforcement will reduce the bass. I use the Rule of Thirds (speaker centers at one-third room width), but that might place them too close together in your parti... 
Learning the hard way about AC power solutions
Have found that power conditioners with filters have an adverse effect on bass level/impact due to a voltage drop under load in the filtered output.  Surge suppressors with no filter provide the protection that I want without degrading sound.