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Stacking mains conditioners
Most manufacturers advice against "stacking" of line conditioners because of possible interaction between the filter and protection components. Stacking will most definitely have an adverse effect on dynamics and bass impact because of the increas... 
Surge protector or power conditioner?
The Tripp-Lite Spike Cube thread may be of interest...https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/tripp-lite-spike-cube 
Surge protector or power conditioner?
The noise filters in power conditioners can have a negative effect on power amps due to current-starving. Some manufacturers use Power Factor (energy reserve) technology to overcome this problem. The Furman Elite-15 PFi is a good example. User rev... 
Electric feedback from water circulation pump
I think that your noise problems are caused by the controller. It's pumping (sorry, couldn;t resist) noise into the AC supply. The solution is to install a good noise filter at the controller site. Contact the controller manufacturer and get their... 
Surge protector without line conditioner
dilly3364,I was faced with the same issue. The Tripp-Lite Spike Cube thread (link below) may be of interest to you.https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/tripp-lite-spike-cube 
Tripp-Lite Spike Cube
@ imhififan - My pleasure. 
Speaker placement
Over the years, I've tried numerous speaker placement methods and the Odd Dimensions Placement, advocated by Richard Vandersteen, has always worked best for me.  
Any Love For Bryston Here?
I have a Bryston B60R integrated that I've enjoyed for 21 years. It did require servicing at 19 years, but my only expense was the shipping cost to the Bryston repair facility. The process was easy and painless. The build quality continues to impr... 
Buying advice
paul6001,Others have reported that the Canare 4S11 speaker cables provide a warmer presentation than most others. Very budget friendly and available from Blue Jeans and other cable companies, If you still find the brightness to be excessive, the S... 
Best Integrated Amp (for me)
I also own Kef LS50s which are powered by a Bryston B60R integrated amp. I'm quite happy with that combo but if I was looking, the Rega Brio would be a strong consideration. 
mozartfan900 posts06-23-2021 6:19am"I could never live witha sub bass, grate my nerves,I need ~~Musical bass~~, huge difference,...+I wanted "musical" bass which is why I chose the Rel sub. 
I also have a small (11’ x 12’) listening space and replaced large floorstanders (Vandersteen 2CE) with standmount monitors (Kef LS50) and a small sub (Rel T/5i). This allowed me to place the monitors for best imaging and the sub for best bass. Lo... 
Seeking advice on power conditioners/regenerators
Most audiophiles have found that many of the power conditioners/surge suppressors on the market do a great job on source components and preamps but limit the dynamics and bass impact on power amps (and integrateds) and subwoofers. This is the resu... 
Favorite cable brand.
Have always had good results with Kimber and Cardas. For value, Mogami is hard to beat. 
Rubber feet when mounting on stands
+1 for Blu Tack.