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Back to vinyl need phono stage help!
I use Cambridge Audio duo with PL Evo 400 after 1,000 hours :-) of internet searching.Quiet, neutral, $400, sounds amazing on Dyn Evoke 50s. 
looking for a Integrated amp $6,000 range
I went through this exercise in Oct.Went with Prima Luna Evo 400 over Cary Sli80.  Love it. 
Help with adding turntable to my room...cartridge advice for Rega P6
Rega Exact seems like a perfect first cartridge for me - thanks for that advice.the 20X2H looks really nice too...but definitely a step up in $$$.Look forward to others that may have an opinion here! 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
Kiss Alive...he he I was in first grade don't judge.Stole Sgt. Pepper from my Dad shortly after, found all things Zepplin and my musical journey began... 
Buying a DAC when you can't try it first
At the risk of thread jacking (with my first post nonetheless) I am in the process of setting up a new "mid-fi" room too.  Prima Luna Evo 400 and Dynaudio Evoke 50s.  Planning on running Roon with a Nucleus to a Merridian 218 as the DAC.Curious if...