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I'm blown away by the Sonic Impact tripath amp.
Tell us more of your impressions.What speakers are you using with it?How does it compare with the other digital amps like the Panasonic XR-25 and XR-45?Do you really think it is better than your Vecteur, or is it just the unbelievability of it bei... 
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
Dan, the only dealer with a set of Caravelles available for audition(that I know of) might be Tom Devuono(a.k.a. theaudiotweak) in Louisville, Ky. Tom has had a number of pairs of Caravelles go out through his doors recently. He's been a very good... 
Is this possible? Could it be from the Walker SST
It seems unlikely that the Walker SST would have an effect like that.But, since you removed all your connections to treat them, perhaps you loosened up a connection or wire somewhere that would affect the motor power supply, and now you have an in... 
Best location for isolation cones.
Yes Slappy, Ohlala is correct about the foam tape being a "no-no" with these things. Definitely get that out of there, because it is eliminating any chance of the cones working at tall.Although most people already know I'm with Starsound(maker of ... 
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
Pal, 13' x 22' should be no problem. 
Anyone hear the Caravelle speaker and not like it?
The speaker is excellent. The only problem is that we are having trouble keeping up with demand. Right now we are out of speakers and stands. Srajan at 6moons got the last pair out of this production run for the upcoming review.This is a complex s... 
Best location for isolation cones.
A cone is not a cone.It depends on how well engineered the "cone" is.They are not all the same, and cannnot be lumped into one category.Some points will do wonders, while others just don't.The best bet with the Daytons(which are pretty low on the ... 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Pat, I'm really interested in hearing all about that Miami gig.I can't go, but I wish I could.I hope you can be the one to post the full report.Every day you feel good is a "plus"!!!Not too shabby for an "old timer" with a "Frankenstomach"!:^) 
Tone Arm Help for a newbie
For a Linn LP12, I'd suggest a used Ittok LVII.For a Thorens, try an older SME. 
Dynavector DV20xH question
Should do fine. 
Sistrum Platforms under floor standing speakers
Any time you have a 3-point foot arrangement, there can be some stability issues if you push on the speakers from certain directions.The 3 point system defines a plane, so there are no problems with leveling or "rocking" on the feet. It also place... 
Best Support For Rega 3
They sound best on a short rigid stand, of light mass.No sorbothane, rubber, air bladders, or that kind of stuff underneath.Just a light rigid stand, like an Ikea Lack table or something like that for low $$.That's a good start, and then you can d... 
noise ..noise..noise..
Maybe the amps just have a little too much noise for your very efficient speaker system.With speakers like that, you need a very quiet amplifier.With most other speakers, the noise might be buried and you wouldn't hear it. 
Review: Harmonic Precision Caravelle Speaker
Very happy you like them, and it was a very nice review!Regarding Krellman's comments about the affordable cost of the Caravelles(compared to any competition), we at Starsound always strive to produce high value products.The Caravelles are no exce... 
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